Film: 8637

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


The Cannes Film Festival, 1952. A lighthearted and amusing look at the Cannes Film Festival in the 1950s.

A young woman tied up in rope lies in the sand. She wears a pair of sunglasses and a bikini. We see a close up of her feet which are loosely bound by thick white rope. She removes the rope from her feet and body. She disappears behind a parasol and appears wearing a white dress. At a beach hut nearby we see a close-up of the dress which has the credits written on it. Two dozen balloons are released from the beach front. A young woman kneeling down in front of a typewriter in grass applies makeup to her face. Two old fashioned pistols and a pillow are seen in close-up. A tall and short man prepare to duel in the gardens of a hotel. Cut to surprised expression on young womans face. The tall man falls backwards in a melodramatic way. The young woman writes on her typewriter frantically. Cocktail shaker in front of 'Blue Bar' sign. A young boy dressed as a cowboy climbs up on a bar stool. He sits beside a blonde haired woman. He places a gun on the bar. Cut to a young woman surrounded by men drinking. She holds a glass of milk. The young boy tips her hat at her and waves. She blows him a kiss. Close-up of Gene Kelly on telephone. A woman's shadow is cast on the sand. She pulls on a rope which has been laid out in a spiral shape on the sand. Max Ernst famous dada or dadaist artist plays with a white toy bunny. Various French actors and actresses appear. Other notables filmed include Ali Khan, famous lover of Rita Hayworth. Two young woman dressed in traditional Spanish clothes get into a sportscar with an Italian looking man. A young woman dressed in traditional Dutch clothes picks up a piece of celluloid film. She is helped onto a boat. French women are taken to entertain the troops on board a warship. The stars are given trips on speedboats. Two woman lie on slatted boards sunbathing. They jump on a motor boat. A young blonde haired woman puts on two water skis. A young couple kiss while on a yacht or dingy. A young Japanese woman and an American soldier kiss on a small dingy/boat. A studio executive from Hollywood arrives by airplane. An attractive young woman powders her nose. Exterior of the Carlton Hotel can be seen in the background. Flowers (roses) are distributed to the film stars as they sit and eat dinner. Good profile shot of William Holden. A naked woman goes skinny dipping in the moonlight. Tracking shot of Cannes beach front along the Crosette. William Holden is interviewed and filmed taking a photograph. People arrive for the awards ceremony. Gene Kelly with characteristic Trilby hat cocked over one eye arrives. Orson Welles on stage accepts an award, looks pensive and sniffs a hankerchief.

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