Film: 8641

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Possibly Kings Cross railway station. The papers are delivered to the W.H. Smith. News stand, the ticket office opens, the day begins. A day in the life of a British Rail London terminus. Liverpool Street Station. Excellent, very crowded scenes of a crowded station concourse. Several trains in the station and crowded platforms. Unusual tracking shot behind lines of people queuing at several ticket-selling windows. Close up of a hand written note from a deaf mute asking for help to telephone home and say Eric will be late home. Acted sequence whereby woman and man enter a first class cariiage. She runs her gloved hand along the luggage rack and seems put out that her glove is dirty. Guard shakes his head. He has to lift her large and heavy trunk from the rack. Man starts to light pipe, but she taps window and indicates 'No Smoking' sign. Steward entersm and talks about dining facilities. Fur hat seated woman looks surprised. On concourse bowler hatted city types walk by. Commuters. A much quieter section of platform. Long shot from on high off elderly lady carrying two suitcases. She is approached by a railway station porter who courteously offers to carry her bags. They walk off, she with her umbrella trailing. Late middle aged couple, she with big hair, approach man for assistance. A porter opens the door of a London taxi to assist a couple get out. He collects two suitcases from the front of the cab, and the man pays the cabbie. A large confectioners with sign reading 'chocolate' above it. A ticket collector apparently pursues a passenger and asks about his ticket, (or lack of it). Accusation and denial. Close up of searching though wallet. Ticket collector catches and collars man on srtairs. A pound note falls to the floor, and then the man kicks the collector down stairs before fleeing. The collector lies on the ground nearly unconscious and dazed. Felon is apprehended by other railway staff.
Taxis driving down slope to station. Information office with differnet people seeking advice - an army sergeant major, a man with thick glasses. People descending stairs. Crowded scenes as people check through ticket barriers and proceed along platform. Camera position in amongst people as we pass ticket inspector.

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