Film: 8642

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A quick look around the more famous London landmarks. Particularly good on period detail 1940's

Opening sequence - Close-up of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Close-up of Nelson's Column. Long shot and medium shot of pigeons being fed. Close-up of stone lions. Long shot of Tower of London over River Thames. Large ship called the Beaverbell. In foreground a small steamboat passes. Various shots of Tower of London. Tower Bridge. Docklands with ships being loaded and unloaded. Covent Garden with people buying and selling fruit and vegetables. Exterior of public bar advertising Courage beer. Exterior of Covent Garden Opera House. Flower-girls in Piccadilly Circus. People queue up to get on board a bus. Number 13 bus en route to Hendon. Stage Door Canteen popular during the War. Two soldiers in uniform stand outside. Long shot of Shaftesbury Avenue. Sign outside theatre advertising "The Winslow Boy" by Terence Rattigan. Exterior of Buckingham Palace. Palace Gardens. Grosvenor Square home of Lord Shaftesbury. Medium and long shot of Marble Arch. Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. People relaxing in Hyde Park, sitting on park benches near the lake, boating or horse-riding. Park Lane and Shepherd's Market. Piccadilly looking down from Hyde Park Corner. The Court of St. James, St. James' Palace. A soldier on sentry duty marches past. St. James' Street. A man enters a hat shop and an assistant measures the inside of his hat. He tries a hat on. Long shot of St. Paul's. Exterior of Bank of England. Various shots of streets surrounding the Bank of England. Nelson's Column. St. Paul's. Smithfield Market. Fleet Street. Famous inns in this area include the Cheshire Cheese, which we see the interior of this public house, tankard of ale on bar. Somerset House. Kensington Gardens. Good shot of Chelsea streets. Chelsea pensioner and Chelsea Hospital. Battersea, famous for its graveyard. Regent's Street, Oxford Street, Petticoat Lane with people buying goods and surveying things on sale. Oxford Circus. Brief shot of part of, not whole, Underground sign. BBC headquarters. Wembley Stadium with good shots of football crowd. Hampstead Heath. Bank Holiday, funfair with carousels and swings. Houses of Parliament.

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