Film: 8647

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Shirley Temple, aged around 4 years, wears a hat and a simple dress with floral design 1930's

She carries a book under her arm as she turns and walks off. A woman watches her go, she wears a matching dress and headband with a frilly white design, she stands in a diner and polishes a dish, an empty glass with straws and a bottle of sauce stand at the counter in front of her, she looks at her watch, smiles with joy, takes out a mirror and checks her image. The same woman stands at a counter with stools on the outside, the entrance to the building is to the right of the stand with a sign over the door, partly obscured by a branch of a tree, two women walk past in the foreground. A man rides up to the entrance on a bike, it has a basket in the front, the bike is black, the man wears a hat and a suit with long tails and a white handkerchief in his breast pocket, he clumsily dismounts and raises his hat to greet Dora.

Dora greets him back and continues polishing a plate. The man places his order. Dora turns away. The man walks up to the counter with a stiff legged silly walk. He sits down on a stool at the counter, in front of him is a mug and a few donuts, the counter has a tray with several doughnuts, straws, salt and pepper and a jug of milk. Dora brings a large metal jug while the man chats to her and spins on his stool, which leads to him falling off and clutching the counter for support while Dora watches amused, while resting her elbows on the table. Three children lean out of a window, there are shutters to each side and shrubbery below them, Shirley Temple is in the middle with an older boy on each side, the bigger boy makes a fist in a gesture of resolution.

Dora pours coffee for the man, he rings his hands and then holds Dora's hands , she pours coffee onto the counter as they chat, while he heaps spoons of sugar onto the counter. They laugh nervously. He hears a bell ring, gets up, rushes to his bike and rides a few yards before the chain used to secure the bike kicks in and he falls to the ground. Dora rushes out form behind the counter and comes to his aid, he sits on the road looking dazed. She kneels next to him and strokes his face as he touches her hand, he gets up, releases the chain and cycles off as she waves him goodbye. He narrowly misses a pedestrian as his feet struggle to find the peddles. His name is Andy.

The same kids with Temple in the middle look out of the window. More kids are now behind them. Andy walks into the classroom , his hat in his right hand and a book in his left, school kids stand next tot their desks and sing a song to welcome him, the kids are different ages, from 4 to around 12, the girls wear patterned dresses, the boys open necked shirts, the girls wear white bows in their hair. Andy steps behind his desk and in front of a blackboard with numbers scribbled all over it, a pocket watch dangles from his suit, he talks to Temple who then takes her seat with the rest of the class, who now have their musical instruments out, the is a tuber, a trombone, trumpets, banjo and a violin. Andy talks while the camera shows a montage of close ups of the students playing their instruments. A boy with sax talks to Andy. Three boys play the violin, a boy plays a tuber, another a drum, all intercut with Andy talking to them. The students finish playing and sit down. Andy raises his hands to lead the class in singing. A little girl walks from the back of the class to the front, she points to Andy who has mistakenly put her hat on , he places it on her head, gets his hat and places it on his head and leaves the classroom in a hurry, the children sing, holding a note as he leaves. He pulls his bike out of a bike stand and rides off. The children are still seated in the classroom and still hold the same note. He pushes his bike past the spot where he narrowly missed the pedestrian. He rides up to the donut counter, parks his bike in the same spot, he picks up the chain and is about to fasten it to his bike when he thinks better of it and rushes up the stairs. He rushes into the kitchen and takes his hat off. She makes donuts, she holds thongs and has a big tray of donuts on top of a large silver container, she hands him a donut, he takes a bite, looks delighted, he grabs a donut from a huge pile and dunks it into a coffee cup, the donut soaks up almost the entire cup, Andy looks at the donut puzzled, he squeezes it and the coffee spurts out, Dora laughs, Andy squeezes again, spraying Dora. Andy points at the donut and explains to Dora how much money she could make if she "advertised on the radio".

The schoolchildren, still holding the same note from the classroom, walk up to Dora's donut counter and sit. In the kitchen, Andy and Dora hear the children arrive. The children sit at the counter, still holding the same note. Andy and Dora stand in the kitchen while Andy has an idea, he grabs Dora by the shoulders, points to the kids and runs to the counter where they still hold the same note. He talks to the kids and they cheer. Temple speaks to Andy. Andy waves the kids inside as they clamber over the counter and into the store. Andy stands next to Dora, he asks the kids to help themselves to donuts which they do, swarming all around the kitchen, they stand behind tray after tray of donuts, they stuff their mouths, one boy has cream all over his face, two little girls, one of which is Temple, sit on the floor and tuck into a large cream cake. Andy slams his hand down, creating a puff of flour and gets his hand stuck in the dough, Dora helps him to get it out.

Title: "Dora's Radio Special"
Andy gets into a bus outside "Dora's Home Bakery". Well wishers wave to the bus, the schoolchildren stick their heads out of the bus, Dora rushes up to the bus window where Andy leans out, he drums his fingers on her hand as a schoolboy watches out of the adjacent window, Andy gives the boy a funny look, so the boy turns away to give them privacy, Andy pulls the boy's cap over his eyes and kisses Dora goodbye. Andy leans out of the bus and kisses one well wisher after another as the bus pulls away, the last one is an old man who loses his hat as Andy plants one on him and gets angry as the bus drives off. Andy looks back at the crowd, as he watches, the bus window falls on his back and he gets stuck.

Opening shot of a radio station with the letters "W.E.I.S" between the two transmitters, a bright shines from the two transmitters, below is a squat concrete building with light coming from the windows. A man in a tuxedo introduces an act, behind him, behind a plate of glass, an engineer with headphones watches and listens, the man in a tuxedo takes a bow. A man in drag wears a dress and comes into the studio making a clucking sound like some sort of operatic chicken song, the man wears pearls, does a jerky chicken imitation with his head and arms while clucking like a chicken. Behind glass, outside the studio an audience laughs at the act. The men wear suits while the women wear long dresses, hats or bows in their hair. The tuxedo man goes to talk to another tuxedo man behind a desk. Andy leads the children down a lobby with musical instruments. A fat man in a tuxedo leads them through a doorway. They file past the studio audience and into the studio, the compere chats to Andy while he pulls out crumpled score sheets, the compere gets cross and puts them down and then points to the overhead microphone which is on, therefore they are on air, the compere talks into the mike and then points to it while clapping Andy on the back, Andy nervously looks at the overhead mike and speaks into it. Dora clings to the end of her chair while she listens to the broadcast, she has a huge smile on her face as she listens, next to her on the table is an old-fashioned phone.

Andy speaks into the mike and then taps a wooden cane o the desk, Andy sings into the mike about donuts while the kids play their instruments. The audience watches, mildly amused. Temple keeps time with Andy's singing by bouncing her forefinger up and down wearing a huge 'Mommy would be so proud' grin on her face. Andy sings with his cane and begins to conduct the children. The children begin to sing while playing their instruments. Andy sings into the mike. The sound engineer bounces up and down in his chair with his earphones on. The radio manager sways as he listens. Three posh looking ladies bounce their heads to the music. Andy sings the finale into the mike. The audience claps warmly. Andy addresses the band while Temple hops off a chair and climbs onto another one. She stands up on the chair and recites a poem. The audience pack up laughing. Andy turns around, runs over to her and lifts her off the chair, carries her back to the chair she was sitting in and plops her down in it. She waits until he turns away to address the band and then she runs up to the chair under the mike and recites another poem. Again he turns to see her on the chair, he rushes over, grabs her and carries her back to where she was and sits her down. Andy leads three boys from the orchestra to the mike, he stands behind them and with stick in hand, begins to conduct the orchestra, the three boys tap dance while Andy confers with station manager in the background. The three well dressed women argue about the boy's ability. Andy goes to the phone, the station manger pats him on the shoulder. The three women are now in a fierce argument so the station manager comes over to calm them down, one of the women takes offence and draws back her fist as if about to punch him.

Andy talks on the phone as the ruckus with the three ladies goes on in the background, he turns, sees the ruckus and rushes into the booth where the ladies are fighting. The audience thinks its all part of the act and very funny., they stand and applaud. One of the ladies grabs the station manager around the neck while one of the others mouths off. The audience still standing, applaud even more. Andy sends the ladies on their way. The audience laughs and claps. The compere points to the mike and leaves Andy to talk into the mike, in front of him is a table with a large wolf head on it. As he speaks, Temple runs up to him, Andy puts the wolf head on while Temple stands next to him and watches, Andy takes off the wolf head and replaces it with a golden wig, Temple plays a bird whistle, Andy takes off the golden wig. And replaces it with a white haired one, he takes off the wig as Temple makes off with the wolf head, Andy looks for the wolf head. A boy standing behind the feuding ladies laughs and is reprimanded by one of them, probably his mother. Andy looks around desperately for the wolf head. The women start arguing again, two of them lead their boys to Andy who is still searching for his wolf head. The audience applaud. The women stand around Andy bickering furiously while the station manager comes up to shoo them out. The manager tries to chase Andy out too , Andy refuses and takes a violin back to strike but on his back swing, he hits a man behind him who fall down, two other men grab Andy and carry him to the door, all the while he is talking into the mike, when he finally lets it go, it swings back and hits the station manager on the head.

A school bus with "Dora's Radio Special" written on the side pulls up to Dora's bakery, a disconsolate Andy and the bus driver step out. Dora speaks to the station manager and then signs his contract. Andy throws a pie into the station manager's face from the other side of the counter and then runs for it.. The station manger staggers, hands out to his side. Andy runs in and starts to throttle him, Dora runs up to stop him. Andy shakes the manager's hand in apology, the manager leaves, wiping pie from his face with a handkerchief. Andy talks to Dora. Outside, the station manager takes aim with a pie and throws it, hitting the struts of a cake saying "Good Luck " . Close up Andy and Dora's legs as they embrace, The schoolchildren watch and laugh.

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