Film: 8650

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A journey through the Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate, Haworth, Knaresborough, Wensleydale, Richmond, Burnsall and Ripon plus activities in the dales 1960's

Map of the Yorkshire Dales. Harrogate Railway Station concourse, people walk past camera. Town Centre streets, landscaped beds down the centre of the road. People wander through a park. Woman in pretty white frock. Glass of water being poured, camera zooms out to see water being poured at a bar. Woman with grey hair takes a sip of water whilst standing at the bar, which is in a large lobby area, possibly a hotel or spa. Antiques shop, salesman shows well dressed woman a table. Display of antique silver in a window. Ornaments in a window, peoples’ faces looking in.
People wander around Brimham rock formations in the Yorkshire Dales. Views from the rocks across the Dales. Small boy crawls under what appears to be a precariously balanced boulder. Far reaching rural views of the Yorkshire Dales.
Bronte Parsonage Haworth, view of exterior of house. Room interiors of the museum. Portraits of the Brontes.
Elderly man with hat and walking stick walks up a cobbled street in Haworth Yorkshire. Sign for Black Bull Hotel. Inside the pub a man serves four old men pints. They are seated at a table. They drink, smoke and chat. They raise their pints in cheers to another table of three equally old men. Far reaching green view of a road going through the dales, sheep in the fields.
Knareborough. Over head view along river with railway bridge in foreground, train crosses the bridge into town. River level view of bridge, castle ruins in the background. The castle, visitors approaching the building. A young boy and girl walk into St Roberts Cave with a dog. Worried faces on children. Bloodhound dog sits in cave and yawns. Water drips off rocks. Two women put one hand into a pool of water – wishing for luck. Trinkets and offerings hang from the wet rocks. Close up view of woman in dress and pearls with a young girl. Film goes back to hanging offerings. Waterfall cascading into the round pool, people in the distance view the falls.
Cattle being herded across a village green by a farmer and sheepdog. Milk being churned in large vats. Cheese makers making Wensleydale cheese. Curds are chopped in a machine and hand packed tightly into metal drums or cans. Contents are turned out and wrapped in cloth. Cheeses stored on shelves. Dairy cattle herded along country road, a tour bus stops to let them pass. View of driver’ POV as cattle pass. Bus, followed by a car continue on their way.
Jervaulx Abbey. Easby Abbey viewed from across the river. Bolton Abbey view from mid distance. Fountains Abbey initially viewed from a distance. Close up views of arches and towers and crumbling ruins. View with river in foreground, reflection of the abbey in the water. Fisherman on the banks of a river. Close up of elderly fisherman’s face. A small boy crouches beside the river. Fisherman reels in his line and uses a net to hold the fish he has caught. He holds the fish to remove the hook and shows the boy the fish. View down the river. Brief glimpses of Bolton and Skipton Castles. Richmond Castle viewed from across the river. Amongst the ruins a soldier in uniform and a girl in a pretty blue frock explore the castle. They walk along the ramparts holding hands and looking at the view. View from castle down to river. Punnets of strawberries on a stall, girl in frock chooses a punnet and soldier lad pays. View of Richmond market place in town centre and Trinity Church. The young couple explore the market stalls while eating strawberries, girl runs across to a stall to admire a jacket. Fruit and vegetable stalls and traders. The young couple walk hand in hand down the street.
Livestock market in Yorkshire. Sheep in pens, men in flat caps stand around talking and smoking. Auctioneer in action. Dry stone walls. Two men build or repair a dry stone wall. View across the Yorkshire Dales. A bus viewed from a distance as it drives through the dales. View down a valley over Burnsall village. Men wrestling on August Sports Day event in Burnsall. Two men straddle a log and hit each other with part filled sacks trying to knock each other off the log. People watching and laughing, Children racing. Man casts fishing line from a pontoon, other men watch on the river bank. Men compete in cross country race. Starter’s gun is fired. Men leave the starting line in the town centre. They run up a hill. Men on a hilltop watch with binoculars. Aerial view of Burnsall. Union Jack flag fluttering in the wind, mounted in a stone stack.
Potholing and caving in the Craven fault near Clapham Yorkshire. Men with rope ladders. Young boy wearing a safety helmet with head torch. Man in overalls with rope tied around his waist. View of old mine. Person descends rope ladder into hole in the rocks. A man shouts down the hole – OK? Ladder disappearing down the dark hole. Young man emerges other end into cave. Men in cave with head torches on, look at stalactites and other rock formations underground.
Burnsall’s cross country race continues. Men clamber over rocks and up the hillside to flag at the top. Once at the top they race back down the rocky terrain. Crowds line the road as the winner reaches the bottom of the hill and approach back into Burnsall. Lots of clapping and cheering as winner reaches the village. He is congratulated by the crowds. Other men start finishing. Views of the dales. Heather. Dry stone wall. Panning views, haystacks and farm houses in the distance.
Ripon, town square. Horn blower stands on a monument and blows his horn to announce night fall. Fairground at night, coloured lights, two girls play a game, shooting gallery, man throws dart at playing cards pinned to a wall. Hot dog stand. Spinning rides. A guy or life size effigy of a man, is carried by two men through West Witton for St Bartholomews day. The effigy is burned by a stone wall as people cheer on and chant. Food being cooked on a camp stove. Young men chat in their evening after potholing. Repeat of footage of men in pub in Haworth.

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