Film: 8651

London | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A day in the life of London Transport 1960's

Dawn over London, including St Paul's. The Thames with Houses of Parliament, Westminster and Big Ben. Bus stop in Parliament Square. The Thames at dawn. The City, Bank of England. Trafalgar Square at dawn, empty, from high angle. Tube or underground station gates are opened. Milkmen arriving for work. Workers in uniform walking by railway track. Signal box. London Transport - Stockwell garage. Bus. Drivers reporting for work. Signalman at signal board - "Upminster Depot". Tracks - points changing. Signalman speaking into tannoy or public address microphone. Interior of bus garage, many buses. Close up of driver starting up bus. Tube train moving off. Signalman, with train in background. Bus approaches, conductor jumps on. Tube train approaches. Bus. Line of uniformed road sweepers. Man speaks on telephone, with switchboard. Man in jacket and tie enters, takes other's place.

Alarm clock. Milkman delivering. Couple in bedroom, getting up in morning. Man in pyjamas, sitting on bed, lights cigarette and coughs. Woman in dressing gown comes out onto doorstep and picks up milk bottles. Commuters cross footbridge over railway and walk up path. Door opens and man in suit comes out, kisses wife goodbye. Wife waves. Exterior of 1930s tube or underground station. Station platform, tube train pulls up. Man reading paper at bus stop, bus arrives, man gets on. Commuters boarding tube train. Bus with crowd. Tube train passing. Interior of tube carriage, with people reading newspapers. Two buses. Inside bus, two women passengers buy tickets from conductor.

Two men speak on telephones at switchboard in control room. Smartly dressed woman comes out of house. Road with sign: "Station Car Park". Man with hat and umbrella locks car. Two shots of commuters on tube or underground station platforms. Woman with two schoolchildren get on a bus. Close up over bus driver's shoulder while driving. Signalman pulls points switch. Tube train passes. Interior of tube train carriage, with commuters. Woman knitting in tube carriage. Tube train enters tunnel. Commuters enter station. Escalator. Man answers telephone in control room. Shots of control panels, with lights. Tube train and indicator board. Tube train enters underground station and crowd of commuters gets off. Crowds leaving underground station. Shots of crowded streets, with buses, including exterior of Camden Town tube station. Woman in hat, carrying flowers, feeds pigeons. Conductor on bus collects fares. Bus pulls up at stop in Regent's Street. Commuters get off tube train. Security monitors in control room. Closed circuit television camera. Commuters leaving underground station, including large man with pipe and bowler hat. The City - Bank of England, with buses. Trafalgar Square from high angle, with buses. Schoolchildren in Trafalgar Square crossing zebra crossing. Man and woman arrive at office block.

Interior of department store, man rolls up dress fabric. Houses of Parliament, with traffic crossing Thames. Close up of Big Ben, showing nine o'clock. Doorman unlocks doors of department store for customers. Women walking along Oxford Street(?) beside department store. High view of city. Bus passes and conductor jumps off. Bus drivers and conductors in cafeteria. Man and woman, bus drivers, drink tea in cafeteria or canteen. Red tube trains in depot. Man cleaning window of tube train. Woman vacuums seats in tube train carriage. Housewife vacuums kitchen floor. Housewife with washing machine. Green bus in automatic wash. Blonde woman, carrying basket, goes out of door. Green bus leaves garage. Woman fills out bus timetable. Large office, with men and women at desks. Blonde woman walks down suburban street. Green bus. Woman runs to bus stop. Close up of bus driver, smiling. Woman getting on bus, seen in wing mirror. Woman pays conductor. 1950s pedestrian precinct or shopping centre. Fountain. Boy floating paper boat in pool in precinct. Butcher's shop. Small black dog tied to bus stop. Blonde woman gets off green bus. Woman enters supermarket. She takes wire shopping basket. Two women talk beside meat counter. Shots of green buses pulling up at stops. Two women in supermarket. Tower Bridge, and children building sandcastles on banks of Thames. Pleasure boat on river. Crowds with pigeons in Trafalgar Square. National Gallery.

Crowds coming out of Southfields Station. Queue getting on red bus. Policeman directs traffic, bus passes. Man buys ticket from conductor. Cricket match at Lords or the Oval. Bus passes entrance to London Zoo. Starter starts a boat race on River Thames. Tennis match. Horse race starts. Sea lion. Crowd pointing. Zookeeper throws fish to sea-lion. Crowd at cricket match applaud. Cricketers - Fred Trueman bowls. Boat race - rowing. Horse race - Lester Pigott. Elephants in zoo. Crowd in grandstand. Various shots of buses pulling up. Police with bus. Construction workers in underground tunnel - Victoria line at Oxford Circus. Large drill drilling tunnel. Earth on conveyor belt. Workman fits panel on side of tunnel.

Piccadilly Circus at twilight with neon displays. Bus pulls up and smart couple get off. Crowd at food kiosk. Crowds beside cinema. Neon sign: "The Talk of the Town. Hippodrome". Couple enter theatre. Buses at night. Moving shot at night from bus. Young couple in bus. Traffic lights. Couple in bus at night, with Piccadilly Circus in background. Workmen constructing tube tunnel. Odeon cinema at night, neon lights. Crowds coming out of cinema or theatre. Crowds at Tottenham Court Road Station, with Dominion in background. Cinema neon lights are switched out. Bus passes at night. Big Ben showing midnight. Guard with lamp on empty tube platform, Leicester Square station at night, lights switched out. Man answers telephone in control room. Couple asleep in bed Bus pulls up at stop at night. Conductor. Driver. Bus pulls away. High view of London at night.

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