Film: 8658

Transport General | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A film, promoting the training of apprentices provided by the Railway industry for new employees 1960's

Feet kickstarting a moped. Moped goes off down a street of terraced houses. Rider is Norman March. He's young, maybe a fourteen year old. Credits roll over Norman's face as he rides along. Norman parks moped and removes helmet. He enters Railway works, Swindon, with a group of other young trainees. Façade of old building as compared to modern railway works. Inside a large office. Five suited men sit around a table and hold a meeting. Railway machinery. Large chimney stack falls. Mechanical digger collects the exploded masonry. More half-destroyed buildings and railway hoardings. Railway line. Men on scaffolding. Half-built workshops. Norman and the chief instructor enter a room together. They look down on many young men at separate work benches operating machinery.

Testing wagon couplings using a large scale to measure the strain each can take. Tests on a smaller scale of quarter inch test pieces. The forge. Carriage coupling hooks being formed by various processes, some fully automated, some with human assistance. Man in a hard hat directs the machine. Different man in hard hat lights a cigarette from the red hot, flaming metal (the showoff). Longshot of the foundry. Workshop club. Men sit around drinking pints of booze. Barman pulls a pint. Barman shakes a cocktail.

Cut to closeup of Norman breathing into a plastic dummy's mouth -learning first aid and resuscitation techniques. Skeleton in lecture hall. Teacher giving lecture. Students watching. Norman among the gathered trainees.

Men soldering freight line wagons. Wagon frame shot from below. Sheet of reflective metal paneling. Soldering. Panels being laid for container. Man drilling panels into place. Doncaster - special building for making containers to the railway's own design specifications. Man lines up metal and fixes it into place. Man directs machinery. Machine work being carried out. Crane. Pan around workshop to see all modern equipment and people operating it. Automated machines (many).

Design centre at Derby. Woman stands by drawing board. Row of people sit at drawing boards at technical college. Design specification diagram. Real item at work. Electronic drilling machine - very precise. Lecturer at technical college (wearing white coat) carrying a display of gears. Has design on blackboard. Norman and five other lads gather around to watch the demonstration. Automated machine. Different teacher explains some machinery to some trainees. Norman bent over a piece of equipment. Teacher speaks to him. Different trainee uses a saw.

Hands painting railway logo on paneling. Man in protective clothing and carrying a spray paint gun displays the new and more efficient method of painting the trains. Inside the carriage, two men put up a mirrored panel. They exit into a workshop - lots of activity. Train standing on a platform. Door being tested to withstand 10,000 slams. Manual manufacture of doors. Press moulded seat frames being stacked up ready for fitting.

Eastleigh workshop for servicing the locomotives. Train arrives for overhaul having done many years' service. Men strip the seats out and rebuild. Rolls of material for seat covers. Material being cut. Material being hammered on the frame. Train pulling away. Norman waiting to see the chief instructor. Norman enters the office and sits opposite the instructor. Instructor answers the telephone.

Crewe (?) control centre. Large railway carriage being lifted by a crane. In control centre, a locomotive is booked in for a repair. Details logged on a blackboard. Whiteboard at the back also contains information about the parts required for each repair and overhaul. Workshop. Fuel injectors being dismantled by men in white coats - very delicate operation. Magnifying lenses being used. Test house in Doncaster. Test cell been soundproofed. Locomotive seated on a bed of cork to lessen the vibrations. Control panel at test centre. Students in overalls enter a lecture hall. Norman and the chief instructor in the office. Norman chooses to be a fitter. Many men working at their various chosen professions within the industry. Workshop shot from above. Norman drives his moped out of the carpark. End credits.

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