Film: 8659

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Overview of the state British railways in the 1960's

Interesting views of the roofs of train sheds in London termini. None are identified. Intricate Victorian ironwork etc. Platforms, arching glass roofs. Express locomotive

2-6-0 Aldersey Hall passes in steam. A small tank engine passes. Views from the window of a moving train. Houses, other engines, carriages, church clocks. View from the footplate of steam locomotive. We are inside the cab of British Rail locomotive 35007. We go through a tunnel. The fireman stokes the fire. In the dining car on the train two men platy cards. Distant view of steam driven train crossing an eighteen arch viaduct. We pass through an industrial town. Another tank engine passes by. Express locomotive Runter Hall drawing a goods train passes. There are live cattle in the cattletrucks. In a dining car a waiter serves coffee. A splendid
4-6-2 pacific locomotive No. 34104 in red livery with matching carriages passes.

We see a deserted provincial station Then tenement type flats with washing hanging out to dry in the gardens. View of misty dockside. A locomotive is enveloped in white steam. Could be in Glasgow. Inside a signal box, levers. One is marked 'Home up, Enfield.' Ten tracks leading of terminus station. A steam train crosses a viaduct. Change to the electric age. Clean modern train. In dining car two men talk. One smokes a pipe. Modern train, smart dining car. A smart silver/blue 12 carriage train passes in the distance. A view from inside the cab. Modern clean station. A view from a clean modern driver's cab. View of cars and vans on a rail transporter Electric trains coming from all directions. End.

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