Film: 8660

Transport General | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Recruiting for the railways in Britain 1950's

A look at all the different types of jobs available to men in the railway system such as transport workers on the docks, canals or even to be a locomotive driver.

Crowds of men running along the road. A row of three double decker buses moving slowly along a busy bus stop with a park in the background. A London bus comes into a bus station and stops by a bus stop full of waiting people. A group of schoolchildren, boys in short trousers carrying satchels, wait on the platform as a train draws in and stops, the carriage doors open and they wait to get on. Children sitting on a crowded carriage. A line of cows is guided through a barn by two people. Close up of the cows moving along. A view of a moving train at night. A group of men stand around smoking as a train passes in the background. Bird's eye view of a steam train passing through the countryside. A ship leaving a dock. Bird's eye view of a coach station with a line of parked coaches and a office block in the background. Women and a child get on to a trolleybus from the back, the conductor looks out to make sure there is no one left and the bus pulls off. Conductor walks up the crowded bus, checking tickets. View of the driver as the bus goes down the street.

Bus in a maintenance shed (garage), shell is lifted off and engine taken away by engineers. Four men working on an engine with the steering wheel poking out at the front. Bus is levered up as a mechanic walks underneath. Checks the underside of the engine, fiddles with the chassis.

Tube train having its seats removed. Seats placed on some machinery and are scrubbed. Automated tube seat cleaning process. A tube train is showered with a sprinkler as it leaves the garage. Tube moves onto the track. Men sat on tracks hammering at the lines. Pairs of men on tracks tightening screws. Workers tightening bolts on the line with a giant pneumatic screwdriver. Ballast being shovelled under the tracks. Gravel is sieved on an automated conveyor that travels down, up and around. Close up of the ballast. Workers pulling at the track for assembly. A huge crane lowers preassembled track on wooden slats on to the line. A tamping? Machine tucks gravel under sleepers - large trolley-like machine with mechanised hand grips. Close up of ballast being moved under the track. View of what may be a train engine being looked at by men in white coats inside a factory. Propeller like machines testing the engine. Valves being tested on the engine/ Closer look at its wheels. Two men in white coats work on a huge engine. One engineer looks at the pistons working and takes notes. 'Extraction motors' - rows of fast moving motors - are adjusted. A train drives through. Another view of a train on a bridge. Train said to be a gas turbine. A diesel mechanical train on a track. Train goes under a tunnel.

View of a white door with a sign saying, "Committee Meeting " on it. Smartly dressed men sitting around a committee table. Rows of draughtsmen sitting on long tables drawing. One draughtsman at work. Close up of drawings of a station. Scale model of a multi-storey station and two men looking at the plans. Surveyors at work, one holding a long rod while the other looks through a camera. Architects on a building site whilst builders work in the background. Bricklayer at work. Lots of men working on tracks of heavy iron.

View of the electrification of the line from Liverpool Street to Shenfield with men assembling pylons and electricity lines. An official cuts the white ribbon, opening a line in 1949, official party climbs onboard the train. White haired gentleman giving a speech to a regional conference. Varied response from audience - applause and accusatory pointing.

A steam engine with a cargo of coal moves off. Aerial view of a train going past a gas works with two large chimneys in the background. View of a bale of fish . Man sealing a crate of cabbages. Crates on the back of a tractor being unloaded. Aerial view of a train loaded with goods. A marshalling yard with lots of rows of loaded trolleys. A 'shunter', in other words a worker in the yard, runs alongside a truck as it moves down the line. A truck transporting machinery. A white lorry drives into a marshalling yard as other lorries wait with their loads. A docked ship being loaded next to a crane. Large sacks being carried off the deck by a crane. Stacks of timber being guided off the ship. View of timber now on trucks being transported away. Lorries driving down a road.
Close up of a lorry driver concentrating hard. Back view of loaded lorries driving away. A plough being taken off a lorry and received by a farming family. Lorry driving through hills. Man wearing a tank top and on a canal boat pulls out a cigarette and pops it in his mouth. Canal boats down stream. Side view of one boat with "British Waterways" painted on the side. Door with a sign saying "Train Control - Private" opens to reveal a room of men at switchboards with one speaking on the telephone. View of a train control room with operators. A guard on a platform waving a flag. The driver in his cab. Close up of train's wheels as it moves off. Driver's view of the track. Driver looking out of his window. Passenger smoking a cigarette as he pays the inspector for his ticket. Middle aged man smoking a pipe and looking out of the window. Cross-channel captain checks the dials. View of the deck of a ship with passengers sat at the side and lifeboats overhead. People getting off the boat.

Training taking place, man talking to a group of people sat at desks. Bus conductors grouped together adjusting their ticket machines. Drivers being told how a wheel works with help of props. Two white capped drivers being shown a deconstructed engine. A bespectacled woman standing behind a canteen counter demonstrates how to pour coffee. A class of chefs. Two bobbies role-playing a 'stick-up' - one of the policemen comes up behind the other with a pistol, digs it into his back who then puts his hands up then performs a quick karate chop and knocks the gun from the 'assailant's' hand. This time policeman attacks with a knife and is again disarmed.

View of a signal box control room with a young man taking notes. Class being taught to negotiate a 'simple curve'. Boys cleaning the wheels of an engine. Young lad shovels coal into the engine's furnace, supervised by a fellow in a bowler hat. Close up of coal being shovelled. An official and a guard inspecting the wheels of the engine. Boys being shown the ins and outs of the engine. Door with sign saying 'Chief Instructor'. Moustachioed man behind a desk tips out a puzzle to test the aptitude of a young boy. Boy then show the workshop floor with men at work. Close up of a man sawing. Another pouring hot metal into a mould. Three designers inspecting plans of a line. Aerial view of track being assembled.

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