Film: 8661

Railways | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The lives of the passengers and workers on a train ride for one day and night moody, atmospheric and beautifully shot 1950's

Titles, then a pair of train wheels turning rapidly. Coal dust is blown from the top of some bolts and engine parts. A man works cleaning the front of a locomotive. The Back of a tender with a man taking on water for the steam engine, he swings the arm of the water pipe off the train. Side view of a large locomotive turning towards us on a turntable.

Hands making circular movements over white cloth in a drum, probably laundry. A hand polishes a piston with a wheel behind. Two women probably working a laundry press, another folding the white cloth.
Close up of coal tumbling. Man leans out of his cab and watches the coal descend. Woman lifts folded white sheet through open sliding doorway and, with back to us, places the blanket at the far end of bed. Close up of hand smoothing the fabric. Close up of folds of white dress fabric, then black trousers, then coat tails, a bride and groom turn towards each other, the bride takes the groom's arm as they move two steps down from the altar, walking away from a clergyman, who moves off the altar to the left, and they continue down the aisle.

Straight on view of a set of railway tracks. A man riding a railway bicycle waves to a man walking away from us in the opposite direction.
A man behind a counter in the railway station gives a ticket to a man standing in front of the counter to the left of a woman in sunglasses. The man in front of the counter takes the ticket, puts his glasses on, puts his gloves on top of the ticket, takes his hat from the counter and leaves to the left, the woman wearing sunglasses moves over to the left and begins to talk, takes her sunglasses off and leans forward over the counter.

View of the side of a train locomotive, an engineer in uniform leans out of the window of the engine. A railway car moves towards the carriage in front of it, directed by a man who moves between the cars as they come together.
Close up of two hands printing the final 'm' of 'OLE MO SKAL REISE TiL BESTEM' on a square of paper on a tiled surface. A woman sitting on a couch writes on the piece of paper on a coffee table, a blonde little boy watches, the little boy turns away from the woman, goes towards a cardboard box placed on a dark plaid easy chair, he reaches into the box. The arms of the child reach into the box, he takes hold of one of two white mice in the box, the boy's arms take a mouse and move it to a smaller shoe box lined with tissue paper. The woman looks up from her writing, the boy unfolds a striped cloth over the lidded shoebox now inside a suitcase, the mother's arms reach over the table, throw off the blanket, take the shoebox out of the suitcase and places it firmly on the table, the boy, smiling, takes the shoebox off the table and slams it in into the suitcase, slightly dislodging the lid.
A man in a fedora hat waits on the other side of a glass partition as a railway employee hands him a ticket, the man hands over a bill and takes the ticket. Two men walk around the corner of ship's cabin underneath a deck roof with their arms around each other's shoulders, laughing, they round the corner and stop, the taller man on the left swings a white duffle bag down from his right shoulder as the men turn to each other, he switches the duffle bag to his other shoulder and takes a dark suitcase from the other shorter man, he turns around towards us and walks away from the shorter man up a small set of gang plank stairs, at the top he turns and nods goodbye in the direction of the other man, he turns and walks down the other side of the gang plank ramp.

A woman walks towards us down the corridor of a train carriage carrying a large watering can possibly, she reaches for a glass bottle and begins to pour liquid into the bottle. Close up of the liquid pouring into the thin neck of the clear glass bottle. Two hands popping the cork off a bottle of champagne beside two champagne flutes, the champagne splashes out of the bottle and is poured into the two glasses, behind the pouring champagne the bride and a older woman in dark clothes kiss each other on one cheek and then the other, the bride moves away to, the older woman, probably the mother, lifts a tissue to her nose.
Two gloved hands lift a large metal ring off a metal hook.
A man looks at his watch.

A woman at the bottom of a staircase looks at her watch, touches her cheek in surprise, she makes hurried 'come on' gestures.
Two women in a living room, on sitting in a chair sewing, the other standing behind a covered sewing machine, leaning over it, the sewing woman bites off the thread, gets up from the easy chair and walks towards us holding out the jacket she has just finished mending.

A woman walking away from us helps a man standing in front of a bedroom door on with his rail uniform coat, the man takes his conductor's hat off a shelf above his head and puts it on, turns towards the woman with his right hand on the door handle, gestures towards the door, asks the woman a question, the woman nods, the man opens the door and leans through towards a young boy in a low bed. The man comes through the door towards us, leans down and embraces the boy who hugs him, the man retreats out of the door with the boy watching, the man shuts the door. A hand pulls a sleeve off a wristwatch on an arm.
A hand lifts a pocket watch to view.
A conductor in a mirror wipes a ledge inside a train compartment, he looks at his hand for dust, he glances inside at the inside of the compartment, he slides the door shut.
A train engineer leans out of a train engine window into steam rising from below, looks back and waves his arms. A gloved hand turns a lever in front of a pressure gauge, the needles of two gauges on a wall move. A metal rod is put between a wheel and a spiral coil attached to the train beside the wheel, a man leans on the rod, moves it around, removes it and walks way.
A man fishes in his pocket for his ticket at a ticket booth as the ticket collector and a woman in front of him wait, he hands the ticket to the collector, the man and the woman walk past the ticket booth as the collector lifts his hand to his hat and reaches for the ticket of the next man, who is also accompanied by a woman, the man shows the ticket to the collector and the couple proceed past the booth, another couple pass the booth after them. The little blonde boy with the note written by his mother pinned to the back of his coat holds the hand of a man and the hand of a woman on his other side, the three of them walk away from us towards the ticket collector who raises his hand to them. They pass the ticket booth.
An engineer leans out of the locomotive window and looks backwards. A man walk along the train smoking a cigar, he comes to a door and opens it , he looks down the outside of the train. The woman with sunglasses opens the door of a carriage, turns and looks up the outside of the train past the door with a suspicious look, she enters the train. The man standing at the other door enters the train and closes the door. A man looks out a window at switch yard below. A man with his hand on a lever stands in front of a diagram of the switch yard and a bank of levers below it, he looks at the diagram and pushes the lever he is holding. A track switches. The man pushes another lever to the left. Lights on the diagram light up and flash. A man in uniform approaches and salutes another man in uniform, the other man salutes in in reply and turns, pulls a whistle out of his coat. The conductor blows his whistle, lifts a lantern in a semi-circle, he walks away. He opens the door of the train car and enters the carriage, a younger man runs up to the open door and hands him a small package, turns and walks away.
The mother of the bride looks up while wiping her nose, she reaches up her arm. The bride, now in going away clothes looks out of the top of a carriage window with her husband at four people, she takes the pro-offered hand and shakes it, the bride is splashed with champagne possibly, a man standing behind the mother starts to wave as the carriage pulls away, people are seen leaning out of the carriage windows waving goodbye as the train moves away from the platform, presumably on their honeymoon.

A man walks down the inside of a train carriage corridor, he passes a man in train uniform, the newlyweds in the same corridor settle their luggage on the luggage racks and the bride opens the compartment door opposite and enters, the conductor proceeds up the carriage, the groom moves towards the compartment door, the conductor keeps moving up the carriage.
The door of the engine furnace opens and a shovelful of coal is thrown into the fire, the round furnace door closes, the process is repeated three times.
A man shifts in his seat, lights a pipe with a match, he puffs twice and shakes the match out, he turns, then leans back in his chair and makes himself comfortable.
The little boy is in his pyjamas on bunk bed in a train compartment. He leans on his pillow as three hands offer him candy.
A man smoking a cigarette sits beside the blonde woman who made the hurry up gestures and deals cards onto a table beside a window in the train carriage, the blonde woman leans forward over the table to look out the window.
Two hands sort mail into different piles in front of a bank of pigeonholes, the hands take a note and parcel out of a pigeonhole on the bottom row, a man in uniform joins the parcel and note, possibly an address, with a piece of string.
A hand hole punches a ticket and returns it to another hand of a person sitting down, the conductor moves down the aisle, an old woman knits across from a man with whom she talks excitedly. A close up of the conductors face. A close up of the face of a man sitting down, talking. Close up of the conductors face again, he looks inquiring. The knitting woman talks excitedly to the conductor and to the white-haired man across from her. Close up of the conductor's face, smiling. The white-haired man talks excitedly. Close up of a man sitting down, he shakes his head, evidently listening to the conversation.
Outside view of the lights of the train passing, it is now night. The furnace door opens, a shovelful of coal is put in, once, twice. The light shines off the face of a uniformed man. A view of the track flanked by grass covered dykes illuminated by the head light of the train.
The corridor of a train carriage with two men and a woman smoking. Close up of the near man, he smiles in the direction of the woman. The woman looks at him, down and up. The man looks at the wall and strokes his chin.
A man sits down in the window seat beside the white-haired man in the train carriage, the white-haired man searches through the pockets of his coat, he leans towards the person across from him, talks earnestly grasping his jacket.
A woman in the bottom bunk in a train compartment propped up on her elbow takes some pills and then a sip of a glass of water, the little boy on the bunk above sits holding one of his mice with the shoebox on his lap, he kisses the mouse goodnight, a woman on the bunk above looks out of her bunk, eyes wide open, moving them around.
The furnace door is opened and a shovel full of coal is thrown in once, twice. A man in uniform consults a time table pinned on a wall, he looks at his watch. The wheels and wheel pistons of a train engine move rapidly. Through a doorway, the fireman pokes the fire through the furnace door with a metal rod, he leans through the doorway to put the rod back to the side and leans on the door jam while he takes off his gloves. The receding view as the train goes through a tunnel. A concrete train bridge, the train goes over it, the engine spews smoke over the rest of the train. The fireman wipes his forehead and looks down the train. View of the train coming towards us, the train passes by.
A woman stands on a train platform with a man in train uniform, the train passes, a conductor leans off the end of the train and passes the train employee the package, the man grabs it and brings it to the woman, they look at the address, the man pulls out a pen from his coat and the woman signs for the package and leaves, the man salutes her.
A train carriage corridor with the man and woman who had been looking at each other now talking together, The husband walks up the corridor towards them unsteadily, he bumps into each wall. A close up of a door handle as it turns, the door opens slightly. The husband glances at the couple talking, grabs the door handle and enters the compartment and shuts the door behind him, the other man looks in surprise at the closing door and then back at the woman, a suitcase sits outside the door in the corridor beside the woman.
A swinging notice on a door handle. The door slides open, the conductor holds up the notice and hangs it on a hook on the wall beside the door and looks up at a woman lying on the top bunks, who rolls over and looks at him.
Two men sitting in the train car, one hold a bottle of something, possibly milk, which he passes across the aisle, he also takes hold of a box of baked goods and waves it across the aisle. The old lady nods her head and turns her nose up. The white-haired man in the same car watches the exchange, the conductor comes up the aisle the aisle behind him, the man turns to him, shakes his head and lifts his hands in apology.
Two men in a car, probably a taxi, driving at night, the passenger in the car looks at his watch and speaks to the driver. View looking out the windshield from behind the two men, a rail way car guard comes down as a the car approaches it.
The guard comes down all the way, the car stops, the passenger hits his hands together in frustration, they both look around for the train.
Side view of the train passing, its windows lighted up. Side view of the two men in the car watching the train passing. The woman talking with the man in the corridor bends up from the suitcase sitting beside the door in the passage with a picture in frame and shows it to the man, they converse, the man pulls his wallet out of his coat pocket ad hands her a card, possibly a photo, she takes it and comments.
The white-haired man and the old lady have an exchange, the man sits back as the old lady keeps talking. The man previously dealing cards now plays the accordion, the woman with him laughs.
An old man and a old woman in black stand in front of their luggage on a large scale, the man weighing the bags comes between them with the receipt. A man carrying a large rucksack disembarks from a train, he swings the backpack onto his back.
The passenger in the car looks out of the front window as the car drives.
The back of a tender, a man works holding the water pipe as the locomotive takes on water for the steam engine.
The train pulls up beside a station platform, two men stand waiting for it, one farther back from the train, the other walking towards us.
The man on the back of the tender pushes away the water pipe and lets the water fall beside the track. The man farther back on the train platform walks towards the train with his luggage, men and women run with backs towards us as the train stops at the station. The man talking to the girl in the corridor jumps down onto the platform while putting on his jacket, he turns and gestures 'come on' to the girl, he helps her off the train car, they bump into the man with the backpack as they rush off, he smiles as he boards the train.
The conductor leans out of the window and touches his cap as the train pulls out of the station. Another train employee, possibly the fireman, leans out of the engine window and waves back. The engine is shunted off the track. A locomotive with a plough attached to the front pulls up on the line parallel. A man in railway uniform bends down beside the rails and lifts up a switch mechanism. The locomotive moves toward another rail carriage. View of the bumper coming straight towards us.
A serious man talks on the telephone in an office, he turns to his desk and points a pencil at a diagram. A large man leaning over a diagram while talking on a phone straightens up and turns to us.
A group of people crowd around the counter of a coffee house, the couple who rushed off the train talk to each other around a tall, thin man, they sip coffee.
The arm of a maid dusts a ledge. The maid swipes at the wall and ledge with her dust cloth.
Two men walk along the side of the train talking, the outside man turns and points at something he sees through the window of one of the compartments. The two men seen through the window, laugh. The old woman's face pressed up against the window pane, sleeping, a hand raises up and knocks on the window, the old woman jumps awake and look at them. The locomotive steaming at night. A car pulls up on flagstones. The passenger hands money to the driver, gets out holding a brief case and other hold alls while the driver counts change, the driver leans over the passenger seat with the change in his outstretched hand, the passenger shakes his head and hits the door shut with his elbow, the driver shakes his head with a smile. The man in the coffee shop runs past a table full of glasses, cups and saucers towards the door of the shop, he opens the door, stops, turns and gestures hurriedly at the girl who runs close behind him. Through a doorway, the conductor holds the door of a carriage open, the couple run across the platform perpendicular to him, the man from the taxi runs towards the open doorway, he slows to a walk as the conductor sees him, tips his hat and sighs in relief, the conductor helps him in and closes the door behind him. Two men walk along the platform beside the train, one man carrying one big satchel and two gun cases, he pitches the through an open doorway, he stands aside as the man behind him nods to him and gets on the train as it pulls out of the station. The man with the rucksack walks away from us down a carriage corridor, he stops and checks a compartment number, the door at the end of the corridor opens and the man with the gun luggage comes through, the man with the backpack checks another compartment number, the two meet in the corridor and squeeze past each other.
The wheels and pistons turn rapidly.
The old woman lies across two seats, curled up sleeping. The little boy asleep, his mice are in the opened shoebox. The headlight of the train coming towards us. The shoebox with the mice in it, one of the mice climbs up on the side of the box and tips it over. The man and the woman from the coffee shop asleep at the end of a corridor, the man sits underneath an overcoat hanging on the wall with the girl on his lap covered by his overcoat. A woman sleeping with the two mice crawling on her, she wakes up, her eyes widen in horror, she screams.
The view of the end of a tunnel. The man with the rucksack with a pipe in his mouth holds one of the gun man's guns open on his lap, the gun man has a pipe in his mouth, her reads, closes the book and tosses it on the window ledge, the rucksack man points to the barrel of the gun and snaps the gun together. The newlyweds sleeping together. A man looks out a window partially covered by snow, he groggily looks out the window and the falls back asleep.
Through a window, tall snow covered mountains.
The driver drinks milk from a bottle in the engine cab, then a view of the driver in the engine at daytime. The train puffing smoke goes up a snow covered slope. Snow covered fields with broken fences disappear behind the train as smoke wafts backwards. The conductor in the engine looks out the window, then over at the engineer. The engineer looks ahead as they enter a tunnel.
One mouse creeps along the left side of the corridor, it crosses to the right side. The mouse investigates some spilled rice.
The train goes along the edge of a hill, headed towards a tunnel.
The little boy creeps along the corridor, he looks along the edges, he squats suddenly. A mouse runs under the garage can in the washroom and then behind the sink. The large man puts down the telephone and takes a sip from a cup sitting on his desk, he rubs his hands and picks up the newspaper on his desk. The words 'Dag og Nat' , then a crossword puzzle. The man throws the paper down towards us.
The little boy leads the conductor by the hand down the train carriage hallway, the conductor looks under the radiators on the right hand side, he points to one of the doors while bending over and talking to the boy. View of evergreen trees through steam. View of the beginning of a tunnel. The train emerges from a tunnel. A large flat snow covered mountain through leafless trees.
The old woman takes one of three hair pins out of her mouth while brushing her hair, she fluffs one side and then brushes the other, she smoothes the part in the middle of her head.
The white-haired man peaks out of one eye.
The train travels along the shores of a lake, between the lake and a small house. The train travels on the track between another train and an earth wall.
Through a door, the man with the rucksack gets off the train into a very wet platform, he turns and raises his arm in farewell. The man with the guns looks out a rainy window raises his arm in return farewell, the train moves out of the station. Looking up along an earth wall at a mountain, which disappears as the train enters a tunnel. Through a doorway, the couple from the coffee shop come through a perpendicular doorway to a corridor, they kiss and come through the other doorway.
A view of a tunnel entrance with a little wooden house beside it, perched on the side of the cliff, a man walks in front of the house towards the track as the tunnel recedes farther away through another tunnel, the man stands on the railway track.
A view of a lake, surrounded by mountains, trees and a house on the shore. The lady that the mice terrified eats a piece of food hurriedly in the dining car, she licks her fingers, chews, and takes a drink from her cup. The couple from the coffee shop sit at a window table in the dining car, they talk and laugh, the man is holding a small jug, probably of milk, the girl points out of the window, the man turns to look and spills the milk. The man on the railway bicycle rounds a corner of the track in a field.
The old lady fiddles with her hat on her head, pulls a handkerchief out of her coat pocket and blows her nose, she looks down as something falls out of her handkerchief. Little slips of paper, possibly ticket, fall to the floor between her feet and those of the man across from her. She looks up with bulging eyes. The white-haired man leans forward and looks down. View of the tickets on the floor. The white-haired man looks up at the woman, then over across the aisle. Another man takes down a suitcase and shrugs. He white-haired man looks back at the old woman. The train rounds the same corner that the man on the bicycle just rounded. View of a tunnel mouth quickly approaches, over it there are the buildings of a small town, the town disappears as the train enters the tunnel. People in a seating carriage put on their coats and move towards the back of the carriage. The view emerging from the tunnel, a building with a smoke stack is to the left of the tracks, town buildings are ahead. An overhead view as the train entering the switch yard, there are many other trains and rail cars, the train reaches the station platform. Two carriages pull up to the platform, a rail yard employee runs to the end of the first carriage and begins to unwind something, at the door of the second carriage the coffee shop man jumps down with his suitcase, turns and picks up the coffee shop girl holding her coat and suitcase and swings her down to the platform. Two men round the front of the train as it pulls into the station, two women follow, a man in train uniform follows them. All shot in Norway. Credits.

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