Film: 8663

Railways | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Train journeys through the lovely British Countryside of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, including Great Malvern, Ledbury 1950's

Really great from the carriage windows shots and in and out of stations, guard waves his flag, old station platform signs, over viaducts and railway tracks rushing by.
Between Wye and Severn. From Hereford to Ledbury.
Railway train guard holds flag aloft and waves train off from Hereford railway station. Camera position is on train as we move off from platform. One or two people on wide covered platform wave someone off on train. Carriages of train are white and orange. Passing a signal and through countryside. Signal changes as train passes. Steam train winds along embankment and through cutting. From train, passing field boundaries of poplar trees and mature oaks. Fruit trees in blossom. Train passes our camera position. The British Railways steam locomotive is painted black. From train, passing lines of posts to which hop bines will be attached later in the season. Passing British Rail maintenance team who stand waiting for train to pass on adjacent track. Passing a second maintenance team further up the track. Fields of orchards and apple trees. A signal box. Passing straight through a very rural station and along an embankment. View of train travelling above small river as it curves around a bend. View out of window along double tracks. Long shot from valley bottom as train of locomotive and four carriages crosses a long, high viaduct.
From Ledbury to the Malverns.
Train with six carriages rounding bend. Passing through orchards. A black and white house is very close to the tracks. A railway signal changes. Moving off. A five carriage train on an embankment. Passing an attractive old red brick house and garden. Under a road bridge. The station of Colwall. Sustained long shot of the five-carriage steaming train on embankment across valley. Leaving area of orchards behind, pasture fields. One field looks as if it had an orchard in at some time in the past – there are distinct rows of raised earth like in an orchard. The Malvern Hills. Passing what looks like a point to point horse race course. Field of sheep. Train from across valley. Curving point of view from carriage window as train enters tunnel. As approach town a diesel train approaches from opposite direction on other track. Entering Great Malvern Station.
From Great Malvern to Worcester and the Vale of Evesham. Train’s guard waves us off, before walking to camera. He will presumably get on train just behind our position. Passing field after field of apple trees, some old and some smaller and younger. View under carriages as train passes. Crossing river at Worcester. The Cathedral in the distance. We travel along a low viaduct. Into the Vale of Evesham. Lots of orchard

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