Film: 8666

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Five short items: Design for Travel, Radio Repairs, Overhead Conductors, Night Op, Country Buses 1930's

Intertitle: 'Design for Travel', over entrance to Victoria and Albert Museum.

Poster outside advertising 'Art for All' - refers to London's Transport, but otherwise illegible. Two women walk past. They enter the V&A. Display in foyer; a woman customer. Pan around the exhibition - 40 years of posters. Two women looking at an exhibit. A young man reading the caption to an exhibit. A woman admiring a poster. An individual exhibit showing how design is kept consistent. Close-up of same. Photo of an underground train. Two photos of architectural features of LT stations. Still photo looking down an escalator. Two stills of bus shelters. Still of a station waiting room (?). Interior and exterior photos of underground train carriages. A track-side building. A platform shelter. The front of an 87 bus (destination Barking, ads at front for John Bull); cars behind (a still). Same bus and cars start moving towards us; bus drives past, R to L (ad for Lodge plugs on side). View down bus interior. Close-up of bus-seat upholstery. Pan across a bus window, from inside; window handle. Close-up of the conductor's convex mirror. Above ground, a train approaches, L to R. Interior view down train carriage. Train approaches and passes R to L; pan to a signal box. An electrical distribution sub-station. A station with a tower, viewed from the platform. A view up a station's tower, to the LT sign. Pan around a station interior, including a poster for the exhibition. Close-up of a ticket inspector clipping tickets. Down an escalator, some women in front. A platform indicator sign; pan down to a line map. 'Gants Hill' station sign. The deserted concourse at Gants Hill. A London Transport sign, against the sky. A bus shelter. A shelter by a tube entrance. A bus shelter mainly of glass, traffic passing. A bus shelter with posters. The station sign and platform at East Finchley. The front of St Johns Wood station. LT posters at the exhibition, and the Art for All poster.

Intertitle: 'Radio Repairs', over the arrival of a lorry, by night.

Fade to map of tube system. Close-up of map, centring on Park Royal. Inspector in peaked cap reports technical problem. Control centre receiving message (cable broken by falling tree, signals inoperative); calls out emergency driver. Lorry arrives in darkness. Engineer on phone. Lorry driving. Front of lorry as it pulls in; engineer gets out, enters Park Royal station; station inspector directs him to scene of accident. With another, he inspects the damage; extends aerial on large walkie-talkie and reports. Reporting his needs; the radio receiver. Message received; pan to men winding cable. Transport section relay message. Relief buses arrive. A guard signals with a lamp, to keep a limited train service going. Inspector reports work completed, from site. Message relayed. Controller confirms all now OK. Signals seen working, guard with lamp leaves. Train pases R to L.

Intertitle: 'Overhead Conductors'. Montage of shots of trolley-bus conductor wires. Looking upward at trolley-bus wires being lubricated. Close-up of carbon shoes. Man bending, filling container with graphite solution. Can being filled from top. Man ascends to transfer solution to special booms. He pours solution into canister at end of boom; a coach passes below, and two cars. A bus approaches, on a leafy street. Two men raise the lubricating booms. The lubricating lorry passes slowly L to R. Two shots of the lubricating booms in action. The rear of the lorry, and the booms. The lorry approaching. Trolley bus 604 passes L to R; ads for Dunlop on back, Wrigley's on side; a bus passes R to L, ads for Andrews Liver Salt on side, Cerebos salt on back; trolley bus followed L to R.

Intertitle: 'Night Op' - against raindrops falling.

People at work at bridge on Metropolitan Line near Ladbroke Grove station - pan across to new bridge beside, waiting to be fitted. More bridge-side scene. Men moving track, at night. Dim shot of men at work. Men walking away. Three shots of oxy-acetylene cutting equipment in use. Men at trackside. Sparks falling below bridge. Side girder of bridge lifted. Men working. The bridge scene - two shots. The new bridge being winched into position. New bridge beside old bridge. Two shots of a piece of the old bridge being cut away. Two engineers conferring. New bridge being pulled into final position, by daylight. The bridge being moved. Men turning winches. The bridge moves. Movement as men winch. Party of Royal Engineer officers watch process. Two trains pass each other, over the new bridge.

Intertitle: 'Country Buses', over cornfield.

Pan across rural landscape. LT offices in Reigate. Coach approaches, through old village. View from front of country bus. Green Line bus 204 for Windsor approaches Ro to L; passes, amid traffic. Woman leaves bungalow, walks towards bus stop. Bus 405 bound for West Croydon collects her from stop, drives towards us. Woman descends steps of grand house. Bus approaches; pan to two women at stop, one carrying basket. Pan from LT sign at bus station to 40A bus for Tonbridge station; woman with basket gets off, approaches. Close-up of her basket - a package is put in it, at hardware shop, as she walks away down street, under awnings. Children running away from rural school. Bus comes in from L (ad for McDougall's on side) - schoolgirls run for bus. Pan across factory premises at Hatfield, towards road - buses approach stop, L to R. Pan across fronts of three special service buses - 443 for Ascot and Staines. People board a bus at back. Pan across six specials in a line, many people milling; nearest bus has ad for Black & White Scotch Whisky on side. Pan across country market scene, cars & vans, a bus arriving. Black and white direction sign on country road (points to Hemel Hempstead, St Albans & Whipsnade; and Watford & London). Another striped signpost. Four more; a bus goes L to R behind the last. People boarding a single-decker at a bus stop. View from top of Box Hill, Surrey, seated woman in foreground. Couple walking away from us, through Burnham Beeches. Woman and dog walk R to L, rambling in the Downs. Picnic tea in Epping Forest. Man in hat, fishing. Bus pulls in from R, man dismounts. Front of bus 726 to Whipsnade Zoo. People entering the zoo; front of the bus at R. Town street seen from back of bus; fades to bus direction indicator rolling to show 408 to Guildford; fade back again. A town centre - probably Luton - fade to direction indicator showing 321 to Luton via Watford & St Albans - rolls on to Rickmansworth, fades back. Two rural town scenes; fade to indicator showing 310 to Enfield, rolling to Hertford Nth Stn, fading back to two rural town scenes. Pan across Thames at Gravesend - liners, tugs. Canal boats pass under bridge, away from us. Pan across patroal scene at Knowle, near Sevenoaks - sheep grazing, the house in the distance. Pan across Lullingston Castle in Kent. Long shot of Windsor Castle. St Albans Abbey. A small church and graveyard. A cricket match. Exterior of Simonds pub 'King George V'; two men and dog in front; one leaves, to L - runs for bus, and boards 455 for Tonbridge. 455 for Tonbridge Stn approaches and passes to R, ad for Schweppes on side. 457 drives in L to R, and for Swan Vestas on side; pan across to Uxbridge Station. 458 for Slough, at stop, people boarding at front - drives off to L. 458 pulls in at stop, from R; man dismounts, and goes in gate to his house; pan back to see back of departing bus.

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