Film: 8667

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


This is a commentary on fact that roads are becoming more congested with the increase in car ownership and that buses or public transport are a better option 1960's

Buses are more efficient in moving people from place to place. Scenes of people waiting for buses in London. A No. 60 is featured. Change to a provincial bus and an East Yorkshire country bus. Children in uniform travel to school on the bus. They are seen in the playground. A bus going to Pocklington via Wilberfoss. Double deck buses arrive at an open air market. Factory workers run out of the factory gates to catch buses waiting outside at the end of the day's shift. A view of Yorkshire or possibly a south Wales mining valley. The pit shaft winding wheel can be seen. GUY buses connect with a small ferry boat in Scotland.

Highland Omnibus office in Scotland. McBride's name on the buses. Royal mail services. View of Scottish loch. Bus at level crossing. A London bus No.88. Routemaster. A No.43 country bus to Chelmsford and Writtle. Montage of buses. Car congestion in our streets. View of London streets with parking meters. Congestion on London streets Whitechapel area. Speaks of coping with increasing traffic. Make way for wider roads etc. Scenes in Gloucester showing how traffic is ruining old cathedral towns and cities. Closed circuit television and attempts at traffic control. An AA motorcycle patrolman passes on his tricycle. Views of Basildon new town and how traffic is segregated from shopping area. Open air market place. Change to Leith (part of Edinburgh) Scotland. Plans for shops, roads and bus station at different levels. Change to country bus going to Driffield (Yorkshire). Need for buses due to closure of railway stations. View of Blaenavon station now closed. Buses on Princes Street Edinburgh. Ends with a call for more and better bus facilities..

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