Film: 8670

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Tramps and Trawlers or merchant shipping of the East Coast of England 1940's

Shots of coal ships and tramp ships at sea. Newcastle and Sunderland shipyards and coal loading docks. Northumbria and Durham coalfields. Whitburn Colliery. Coal train passes under the camera. Loading the colliers in Newcastle, coal wagons move into a shed where they are tipped into ships. Washing the deck of the ship. Mapping the progress of the ships in the London office. The ship in rough seas, water blowing over the bow. Daily maintenance of the ship while at sea. The wreck of a collier, its cabin and radio antenna still protruding from the water. Docking at Greenwich. Off Limehouse. Docking in Wanstead in London.

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