Film: 8672

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


The Peak District of Derbyshire 1950's

Pull back from a map of the Derbyshire Peak District. Film of Potteries kilns and chimneys smoking. Bulging pottery ovens. Woman hangs washing on washing line in back garden with smoking cooling towers in background. Young child sits on ground. Children run around and play on waste ground. Contrasted with the beautiful Peak District - greenery, fields, trees, a railway viaduct over a river. Tracking shot of a tourist bus crossing a bridge. Inside the coach. Point of view from the front of the coach as it travels on main road. Catting passengers. Views of countryside. The coach viewed from in front as it travels along country road. Close up of coach driver. Railway steam train pulling out from country station. Young male and female backpackers on the railway platform. Girl helps other to put her rucksack on. Ramblers walk off and leave station of 'Hope' behind. Ticket collector collects tickets from men pushing bicycles off platform. Older bald man folds map and puts it inside his jacket. He walks up a road and past a sign saying 'Derbyshire'. Village, dry stone walls. Hikers leave Edale, at the start of the Pennine Way. Man climbs a rocky peak. Close up of hand tracing route on an ordnance survey map. Map is lowered to reveal a fine view. Local red single decker bus passes through countryside. Older couple work on their smallholding. He carries buckets, she feeds chickens. Free range hens. At Ashford in the water a sheep shearer shears sheep. Sheep wool is clipped off by hand. Not by electric power. Shepherd walks ahead of sheep as sheep dog walks behind them. Single-decker bus with destination of Buxton written on the back travels through the countryside. Pan around Buxton. The streets. Bus. The Crescent. Tourists step out of bus. Matlock with backpackers walking along. Ashburn and its Grammar School. Pupils going to school. Boys wear red and white school scarves and school caps. Girls wear pink dresses and grey cardigans. A farmer's cattle lorry arrives at an open air market. Farmers lean on gates around pens. Monday market in Bakewell. Two women look at clothes on clothes stall. One tries to sell other a red cardigan. Lorry driver stops and whistles to woman out of his window. She hurries over and he hands her a box. Man drives tractor along village sreet. Women gossiping over garden wall in village. Woman shakes out her front doormat. Vicar tends his garden, gardening. He waters with a watering can and prepares to tie up plants. He carries twine or string in his mouth. He digs with hand fork. Verger mows graveyard with hand mower. Adult and ten children look around churchyard. Eyam village. A Saxon cross in the churchyard. Man shows boy a lump of rock which contains lead ore. Derelict mine head. An outdoor class of schoolchildren. Large dam with water flowing over it. Reservoir. Coach travels through area of lakes and woods. Old drystone wall passes into the lake. Meadow flowers such as red campion and forget me nots, wallflowers and bluebells. Children in a garden pick flowers and put them in a basket. Close ups of various flowers being picked. Girl puts basket on table in back garden. In tissington, a family make a picture from the flowers. Drawing outline in cement. People 'well-dressing'. Picture made of flowers of the Last Supper is mad. Vicar performs outdoor ceremony and blesses the picture which now surrounds the well. Religious presentation. Children run to camera. Marching brass band in Worksworth where a float that resembles a swan drives slowly by. Procession of the 'Queen of the Well-dressing'. Page carries her train. Girl is crowned. Maypole dancing of children and adults all wearing white. The ruins of Wingfield Manor, where Mary Queen of scots was imprisoned. Farmer hand hoeing vegetables. Chatsworth House, the home of the Dukes of Devonshire. The Grounds and Parkland. Castle of Haddon Hall. Guided party visit. Casement windows. Terraced gardens. Attractive flowering gardens and tourists strolling around. Red roses. Parkland at night. House at night. A glider aircraft flies. Glider lands, another takes off. Eight gliders fly very close to one another. Two beret wearing men in a cave. Stalagtites. Couple emerge from caves into bright sunlight. Tree Cliff. Man tor. Dovedale signpost. Valley bottom with river and people and cars. People walking in the rocky land. Stepping stones. Picnic, teapot and cups of tea offered around. Eating sandwiches. Man fishing for trout from the river bank. Eight trout on the grass. Close up of angler in fisherman's hat smoking. Cyclists at a road sign by the side of a ford. Other cyclists cycle up and stop. Car drives through ford, bu map reading man indicates cyclists should cycle another way. They change direction and cycle off. Ighlam Hall is a youth hostel. People approch it. Railway steam train crossing viaduct. People in coach. Man lights cigarette with match and shields cigarette with box.

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