Film: 8673

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Farming in the 1940's.

Man driving a tractor and plough, as he moves across the field we see a large town in the distance. High level busy street scene with shoppers and trams and buses, a clock tower, a shop hoarding for "Manners" shop, some half timber style buildings in the background. Hay threshing. Combine harvester.
A farmer turns the handle of a potato sorting machine, three farm labours work alongside. Plough turning the soil, farmer watches the line. Locomotive "North Star" in steam, shot from the bottom of an embankment. Passing shot of North Star steam railway of the past, fireman stoking then goods carriages. On the footplate of North Star, fireman shovellling coal, back of driver. Farmer in smock waves from a wagon as the train passes. Driver waves back.
Great 40's graphic showing the foodstuffs like milk, hams and wheat going into the cities of Britain. Another great graphic showing the spread of built up areas into the fields and countryside. Thirty million acres and 553,00 tons of food graphics. Two men load flour sacks into a railway goods wagon. Then crates of vegetables. More sacks loaded. Grain poured out. Farmer runs it though his fingers. Man checks a seed drill, he drives it off, it has "sunshine" written on the back.
Cider or Perry production, a man tends to pressing of fruit. Hops on a conveyor. Sacks are filled. Sacks on a conveyor are loaded into an LMS railway truck. Farmer shakes out a sack on feed into a low trough. Red cattle come over to feed. Railway bogies with large farming equipment on board. A large white shire horse is lead into a railway truck. A railway foreman writes in his pad. Cattle in a pen on the platform. Men pushing cattle into truck. Loading produce onto wagons, moving animal feeds, moving animals by train, man shovels out sawdust. Railway timetable of special trains for farmers. Poster for Laing Auction market. Sheep on hills. Sheep farmer whistles to his working dog, the sheep are brought down off the hills. Rounding up a herd of sheep. Sheep in pens at the market. Men in flat caps consider the sheep. Farmer writes in his catalogue. Market scene. Farmers gather around the pens. The auction, farmers sit on benches, the auctioneer takes the bids. Sheep are moved. Sheep are herded into a railway truck, the doors are shut. The engine on the tracks. Trucks move slowly down the line.
Marshalls threshing machine, possibly steam, men working. Man moves a bales of hay on his back. Hay fed into the top of the threshing machine. Land girl looking woman moving hay with a rake, another woman in the background. Man takes a sack on his back. Two men sort sacks. Railway porter loads sacks on a trolley and pulls the trolley, "London Midlands and Scotland " clearly in view. Sacks loaded into motor truck. Grain pours into the LMS sacks from the threshing machine. Porter uses a trolley to load sacks from LMS truck into railway goods truck. Sacks slide down a chute.
Boxes of eggs. Boxes of eggs "Eggs With Care" are unloaded. Sign says "Hatchery" Eggs go into a incubator. Boxes with "live chicks" written on the side.
Woman tips potatoes into a sack. Farm workers working in a potato field, men and woman. Tractor takes sacks away. The lorry backs up right to the railway truck. Sacks loaded into the truck. The goods steam train going along the tracks. Potato sacks unloaded. Group of farm workers plant potatoes. Horse ploughing.
Docks. Hersham Harbour, cattle unloaded. Cattle herded into railway trucks from the ships hold. Man mucks out a railway truck. Another washes the truck with a hose. Cattle market. The cows and bullocks are penned. Then loaded onto the train which is right alongside the market. Signalman waves a black flag and train departs.
LMS offices. "LMS research department" man designs trucks. Experimental truck. Man in white coat uses a microscope.
Farm poster farm for sale at Ilkley. Jersey cows herded. Cows unloaded from railway trucks. Moving a bull. Whole farm on a train. Talking on the platform. Farmers enters carriage. Station master waves off the train. Train leaves.

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