Film: 8675

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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Buildings. Georgian terraces, 1940's council estates. How the railways help builders merchants with their freight service. Various good shots of workmen and tradesmen in different aspects of house building.

Euston Station frontage, Tower of London. Various other buildings. Selfridges on Oxford Street, buses and traffic pass. A sign reads "Wates Ltd Contractors. SW16. POLlards 4401". Scaffolding outside a block of flats. Sign reads "Miskin. London and St Albans". Another building with extensive scaffolding. A train passes under a bridge. Foundations of houses opposite a row of semi-detached houses in suburbia. Builders merchants carrying sacks of material on their shoulders. Unloading tiles from a truck. A building site, a cement mixer turns. Two men unload packing cases from a lorry. Men and vehicles in a builders yard. A uniformed man in a cap loads manhole covers from a truck. Containers in a goods yard. A container is loaded by a small crane. Machinery in a stone quarry loads stones onto containers. Various types of machinery on a building site. Men load bricks in a plant. A man chops at a tree trunk with an axe. Two men saw across a tree. The tree falls into a wood. A horse pulls a cart with logs. A man drives machinery. Logs on bolster wagons. Employees of London Midland and Scottish Railways measuring and stacking timber. High stacks of timber. Timber in a goods wagon on a railway line. A man operates a crane and lifts timber. Workmen in caps and shirt sleeves. Piles of bricks and timber on a building site. Two men, one barechested, carry goods up the scaffolding. A hod carrier. A man hammers in wood on the frame of the roof. Various men at work on the building site. Four men with shovels work on a railway line. A steam train approaches as they step off the tracks. Timber is cut by a circular saw. Men doing various jobs in a joinery factory. Two men lift wooden door frames. Steel bars in a factory where metal window frames are produced. A woman works in the factory, holding a window frame in a piece of machinery which fires it. Shots of various other people and machinery in the factory. The metal frames are loaded into a tank of liquid, a man throws something into the tank and it steams. Window frames in wooden crates on a small truck, checked by a LMS employee. Goods trucks on the railway. A uniformed man lifts the brake by the track. Wagons of timber, bricks and slates. Doors are unloaded from a LMS van. A man carries the front panel of a gas stove. Another unpacks glass. A man unwraps a machinery part from a pile of straw. Another workman works at wiring with a screwdriver. Another shakes a tray of lime. Another brushes something onto a wall. Another paints a door frame. Another lays pipes. A man spreads putty onto a window frame. He then inserts panes of glass. A removals van outside a house, a girl in a blue dress and short white socks and a uniformed LMS man unload belongings including a floor lamp, bucket and child's bike. They carry them to the house where a woman takes them. Two LMS men get back into their van. They drive off.


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