Film: 8678

London | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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School trip to London 1950's

Children are playing in a playground. They stand, looking attentive during a roll call. Map of London shown. Shots of a boy and girl looking expectant. Close up of an underground (tube) map and a London guide. Children board a steam train which then pulls out of a station. They are waved off by parents. Children sitting at a table in the dining car look out of a window. They see a marquee from the window. A waiter comes round with tea and coffee. Two girls write on paper. A boy eats some biscuits. Two seated boys look at a tube map and talk to their teacher. Shots of the rails and overhead wires. A boy points to a tube train from the window. The train pulls into Euston. Close up of the station sign fro Euston. The train pulls in and people disembark. Shot of entrance to Euston station. Children march in a line, through the columns after their teacher. The board London Transport buses which are painted green. Shots of busy London road and street (Charing Cross Road ? No. 4-7 is Book House). Inside the bus, one of the teachers points out of the window, indicating sites to the children. Marble Arch, front of Buckingham Palace. Children watch the changing of the guard. Cavalry procession make their way from Buckingham Palace. Children make their way into St James’s Park. Close up of plants and flowers. They stand round a pond, feeding ducks then cross a bridge. Children look over the pond and trees and plants surrounding it. Close up of daffodils. Close ups of ducks, geese and pelicans. Children feed ducks etc. Close ups of ducks eating bread. Children sitting fro dinner. Close up of dinner table with menu. Menu is removed. A plate is put before a girl, who starts to eat. Shot of children inside a bus. Shot from front of bus travelling through Marble Arch down to Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column. Shot of ‘Old London’ with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. Children make their way into St Paul’s to the Whispering Gallery. Two bus conductors chat and look at their watches, then walk off. Children look over London from St Paul’s. Panoramic view of London, showing major sites - Houses of Parliament, etc. Shots of Thames and Tower of London. A Beefeater gives a talk to the children. He takes them on a tour around the Tower. Soldiers march out onto Parade ground. Close up of a raven. Children walk down steps in front of Tower. They make their way into a hotel. They go up in a lift. The children are seen off the lift by a porter. Children go into their rooms. Girl draws back curtain and looks out of window. Buses make their way through Piccadilly Circus at night - advertisements are lit up. Children look in illuminated shop windows. Shot of cinemas. The Empire Leicester Square is showing ‘Easy to Love’ starring Esther Williams. Children watch stars making their way into a theatre. Shot of advertisement ‘Bob Hope, Joan Fontaine - Casanova’s Big Night’. Shots of Trocadero, Criterion, other advertisements. Shot of animated display in a shop window. Children look on, smiling. Girl draws back curtains in hotel room in morning. She leans out of her window. Senate house is visible. Children are seated for breakfast. Teachers sit at another table. Children make their way into Science Museum. A boy looks at Stephenson’s Rocket. Children inspect models of a train and an aeroplane (Bleriot’s monoplane) the Wright Brothers’ bi-plane. A propeller-driven airliner takes off. Panning shot of aircraft on ground. The children are shown around by a pilot. An air hostess talks to the children. A Scandinavian airliner takes off. The children are driven in a bus past the aircraft. The bus enters a tunnel. The bus is travelling to Windsor. The children walk around Windsor Castle. Shots of Windsor Castle. Children are on board a boat and look at sights of London. St Paul’s Cathedral is visible. The boat travels towards London Bridge. Shots of the bridge from the children’s viewpoint. Children are sitting on the boat, smiling. Boat makes its way along the River Thames. The boat moors and the children disembark. Shot of Greenwich park and National Maritime Museum. Close ups of ships figureheads in Museum. Close up of painting of Death of Nelson (?). Nelson’s uniform (?) and models of ships. A boy talks to a naval officer. Shot of Museum / Naval College from moving boat. Close up of girl. Boat passes another boat carrying cars. Shot of a canoeist. Children talk and sing on boat. Shot from bridge of children on boat, waving at camera. Buses pass Nelson’s Column at dusk, Houses of Parliament. End Credits. The Cast: The headmaster, staff and children of Headlers Cross School, Redditch, Worcestershire.

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