Film: 8679

Canals + Waterways | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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British Waterways after nationalisation and canals in the post war decline of that industry 1950's

General view of tow path then looking front on to a pair of boats, under a typical brick canal bridge (the cross over type). The motor passes, a man steering with children on the boatman's cabin roof 'British Waterways' is pointed on the side, 135 'Darley' Side of shot of steerer and children. Butty is towed behind steered by a woman. The butty is named 'Ayr'. Close up of ram's head and tiller with decorative rope work. Close up of man, children, painted Buckby can and brass banded chimney. Long shot of the pair going along the canal. Large barge named 'Barlock'. Barge named 'Barlet' has sacks craned out to a high quayside. Close up of man attaching winch to sacks. Shot from high quayside looking down at men and sacks in barge below. Sacks are lifted. In the warehouse, sacks pulled in and put on sack trolley and wheeled away. Inside warehouse with sacks in lines. Man with trolley. Shot of barge against warehouse. Man with rope steadies salt sacks down into a barge along a plank. Salt sacks methodically piled into barge. Barge leaves. Split push bridge is open to let a large barge which is carrying oil through. Swing bridge and barge driver wave. The barge is the 'Westerndale H' of Hull (both of John Harker Ltd, Knottingly ) . Barge in covered dock. Large bales are unloaded and stacked on the cobbled quayside, dockers at work. Men in hats stop for a cup of tea. A tug pulls empty 'Tom Puddings' blind barges, in convoys, view of industrial canal,probably near Castleford. 'Tom Puddings' full of coal. Close up of 'Tom Pudding' lifted out of canal to high platform. Contents tipped out and goes to chute into large boat. Two men watch on a gantry. Crane lifts sacks into barge. Bale of straw in the air. Barge with narrow boat in foreground. Derelict staircase lock, several shots, probably Prestolee Locks on the manchester, Bolton and Bury canal. Sunk boat in the bottom. Derelict canal landscape looking very clear. River scene. Stone bridge. Primitive lock, flash lock. Navigation weir on the Little Ouse, with a wooden weir. Pound locks. Early pound locks on the River Exe. River Scenes. Engraving of James Bindley and the Duke of Bridgewater mine and canal at Worsley. Shot of the tunnel entrance. The boat basin with sunken craft which are "starvationers" (narrower than a narrowboat and lots of ribs). The Bridgewater canal with barges. Acts of Parliament for canal construction. Plan for the Kennet and Avon Canal shown. Map of Inland Waterways in 1820. On shot each of the Aire and Calder, Tame Valley, Kennet and Avon, Trent and Mersey, Thames and Seven. Patchwork of fields. Still of 'Lives of the Engineers' by Samuel Smiles. Engravings of Smeaton, Telford, Rennie and Jessop. A lock on the Leeds Liverpool or Rochdale Canal. The Bingley Five Rise staircase lock. Brick arch canal bridge no 17. Telford's iron bridges at Braunston. Turn over bridge. The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Sapperton Tunnel. Harecastle Tunnels, Kiddsgrove, Staffordshire. Telford and Brindley's tunnels at Horecastle. Engraving of railway in 1825. Lock on the Shropshire Union Canal, a iron notice sign saying its owned by the railway. Canal with stop planks. Derelict canal side crane and warehouse, possibly Honey Street. Derelict narrowboat. Deserted canal. Abandoned canal. A busy canal scene with gas holders in the background. A wide canal with barges (probably the Castleford). Pair of narrowboats pass under an iron bridge. Three steam barges. A motorized lighter approaches a lock near a converted windmill. A view of Brentford? A map of the inland waterways in 1950. Narrow canals discussed for abandonment, the dredging costs cannot be justified. They can however remain useful as water catchment, brooks, streams, feeder canals, water flows down an artificial waterfall from a reservoir. Farmers can use old canals for irrigation and cattle. Cows wade in a canal. Water supply for power stations. Wonderful view of narrowboat going across. North Wales - Chirk Aquaduct with the railway viaduct above. Llangollen canal is kept open to feed water to Nantwich. Thomas Clayton narrowboat 'Ribble' no. 85 passes. Boat enters a narrow lock. Two lumber keels enter a lock. Boat pass through bridge hole with steerer and cargo of timber. Tug boat, maybe electric emerges from a tunnel, probably Harecastle. The canals should have been built wider but they exist and are worth something. Two narrowboat pass the pottery Kilns of Eturia or Longport. Close up of the back of a boatman's cabin with roses and castles. Close ups of boat people's faces. Children wash boat and put ropes away. An Anderton boat company narrowboat no. 259 'Millicent'. Lumber keels arrive in Hull. Large barge 'Fidelitie'. Barge and dumb boats. Re-piling the banks of a canaling with a steam dredger. Carious industrial canal scenes. Inside a large warehouse with sacks. Aluminium stacked in a yard. Silo at Gloucester? Sign says 'Docks Office'. A uniformed man sorts forms, rear shot. Invoices on a spike in an office. Aluminium ingots. Wheat is sucked up. Flour sacks down a chute. Lots of forms or invoices or receipts on a spike. Scrap metal form a boat. Steamship 'Merchant Prince' comes into Sharpness Docks. 'Merit Mansk' at Sharpness quayside. Timber unloaded onto narrowboat. Very good pan across the docks. Regents Canal Dock on the Thames at Limehouse. Lighters are loaded for the trip to Birmingham. Brentford with Fellows, Morton and Clayton Boat 'Linda' no. 280 in foreground, it is loaded with metal. The Mersey. Large sea going liner type boats. Prince's Dock, Liverpool? Ocean going boats and coastal boats. Tramps? Montage of previous used shots. A castle at Newark. Liner the 'Martha Russ'. Boat and butty pass through bridge hole.

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