Film: 8681

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Instructional film for Railway firemen and stoking techniques aboard a steam train 1940's

Point of view along railway tracks. The London Midland and Scottish Railways (LMS) on footplate of train. Fireman and engine driver. Efficiency of coal burning. Steam pressure gauge. Opening firebox. Opening door to tender and fitting it into smaller pieces. Shovelling coal from tender into firebox. Six shovels. Fireman looks out of window. Passing under a bridge. View along moving engine. Every two minutes, four to six shovels of coal are thrown into the firebox. Smoke from funnel is light grey. Fireman sweeps floor with hard brush. Engine driver turns handle. Half closing the door to the firebox. Summary with diagrams and animation. Fireman uses pick to break up coal. Close ups of shovelling coal. Railway signal at horizontal position. Train driver closes the regulator. The fireman closes the air supply to the fire so that it is not wasted. Steam blowing off (no whistle). Fireman turns handle and releases water onto the tracks. Signal goes up. Man's hand opens dampers and man shuts off the injector. Man opens fire doors and partially closes them with his foot. Chimney puffs as train moves off. Diagrams. Heavier smoke emerging from funnel. Close up of closing the smoke box door at the front of the engine. Black smoke (showing inefficient burning. More shots of smoke and closing the firebox. Fireman looks out of cab at tracks. Water splashes on tracks. Fireman cleans inside window of cab. Fireman looks t fire. Coal shovelling. Goods train passes in opposite direction. - various open and closed wagons. Firing the engine a "little and often". Train approaches tunnel. Point of view of tunnel. Views from behind train driver as enters tunnel and screen goes dark.
Trains include 4-6-0 no 4777. Mainly shot on the Hemel Hempstead branch line.

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