Film: 8685

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A geographical map of Great Britain showing the Lake District Area of England.

A panoramic view of some lakes. A view filmed from a hill looking down of a steam train travelling along a track in countryside. The train stops at a station, in Keswick. People in front of the station. Steamers in the lake. Two girls in a boat. A panoramic view of the lake. People on the shores of the lake. Children playing with a fishing net, trying to catch something in the water. Young boys sailing in two small boats. A close-up of one of the boats, where a dog is sleeping. Boats sailing in the lake. A bus on the road that runs alongside the lake's shores. An aerial view of the bending road, and of the bus travelling. A stream. A man and a woman crossing the stream, walking on some stepping stones. A man swimming in a stream. A man jumps in the stream from a bridge. Two people rowing in a canoe. People diving in the lake. People sunbathing and washing on the grass near the lake. An Inn. People sitting nearby a limestone wall. A flock of sheep. People walking along a track. A young man coming down from a rope, on which he is attached by a hook. Two mountaineers walking up a hill. A young mountaineer. Another climber, attached to a rope, scaling a wall. The man reaches the top and helps the other climber. A panoramic view of the valley below - young boys coming out from a house and jumping over a fence. View of an hotel. People sitting in a garden on deckchairs. View of a street in Keswick, with people strolling in the sun. View of the street of a small village . Close-up of some pub's signs. People walking through the narrow street of the village. A house, in front of which there are two young children, one of which is watching a small tree. A church. People walking in a graveyard. The gravestone of William Wordsworth. Two houses in a field. Panoramic views of some green fields. A flock of sheep pass over a small bridge made of stones. A stream. The two houses roaming in a field. A small boy walking on a little road towards a house. Panoramic view of some hills. A stream coming down from a deep slope. View of a lake. The remains of a stone circle. Tourists on a hill admiring the view. A shepherd with his sheep. A sheep-dog jumps on a limestone wall. Two sheep getting sheared. Two men with bikes on their shoulders walking up a hill. A group of tourists admiring the view of a lake. The side of a mountain. A man sitting down at the top of a mountain. Two people resting at the top of a mountain. People, with rucksacks on their backs, walking down a hill. A boy riding a horse leading some cows in a field. An aerial view of a cottage. A horse-cart in a village. A woman putting clothes in a washing machine. Men at work in a field. A woman picking blueberries (?). A man walks out from a cottage. Close-up of a cow's snout. Few geese. A woman in a field feeding some pigs. A white horse. A man, and a boy at work in a field, harvesting.

A close-up of a farmer's face. A young girl bottle-feeding a lamb. A car, a school car, stops in the road, a young girl gets in and waves her hand from the window. The car stops again, and two other children get in. Two other children get in the car. The black car driving along a narrow country road. Children playing around a maypole. A close-up of the top of the maypole. A panoramic view of the wonderful landscape. A man rowing in a small boat. Rain pouring down. A close-up of some flowers being washed by the heavy rain. View of the cloudy sky. Close-up of some plants and flowers in a shining sunlight. Close-up of a young woman taking off her hood. Panoramic view of very colourful fields. A garden. Close-up of colourful flowers. View of the shores of a lake. View of some water plants on the surface of the lake. Houses and cottages on the shores of the lake. Panoramic view of the mountains and of the lake is seen at sunset.

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