Film: 8686

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


History, design and look of London Transport, buses and tube trains and stations during the 1950s.

London. City buses, old monument, street lamps. Double decker bus and traffic, Clapham Common written on back of bus, drives away. More vehicles driving down the road. People walking towards a bus. People getting on and off a bus. Camera follows two men walking on to a bus, they wear Trilbe hats. Feet walking onto a bus. Bus floor. Back of bus, number 2, Golders Green station.

Marble Arch Underground station, people walk around entrance, buses pass. Close-up of subway sign, Piccadilly Circus Station to Bakerloo line.. Bus stop sign post. Green Park. Sign for Hyde Park Corner. Wanstead Station, entrance. Close-up of Northern Line sign. Arnos Grove station entrance. Perivale station. Voiceover discusses the look of London Transport system, the familiarity of every station design, stations designed with same logo, typography and colours, Corporate Identity. Bulls eye motif with London Transport written through it.

Pre WW1 poster, 'No Need To Ask A Policeman,' London Transport advertisement, cartoon of two lost country folk, policeman points towards Underground Map. Early Underground Map. Map of London terminal reference, key to train lines. Exterior of Piccadilly Railway station. Cast iron design for Metropolitan and District railways, ornate. Exterior to Piccadilly and Brompton railway station, camera pans along typography. Voiceover talks about architecture and fashions of the time. Way Out sign, a painted hand points in direction of exit. Ealing Broadway, early bulls eye motif.

'Posters express confident mood of the moment.' Poster for Underground 'Flying at Hendo..' Poster with drawing of early aero plane flying, people gathered below, British flag blowing in the wind. 1914, poster advertising London Transport system as a place of shelter from air raids, people sit, sleep, stand in underground. 1918 poster of people wearing the fashion of the day, new generation reflects new found pleasures of rag time and Jazz. Poster depicting a large tree, a couple sit below it, small dog carrying a stick, age of peace. Stone carving in memory of Lord Ashfield, 1874-1948, creator of the London Transport. Tribute sign in memory of Frank Pick designer for London Transport system, 1878-1941. Close-up of writing, Johnston's sans-serif typeface for place names in London Transport system, camera pans back, the writing is a small biography of Johnston and his contribution to London Transport design.

Series of posters in different styles advertising London Transport; trees and building in Cubist style. Poster, Neo-Classical fantasy world, cupid on a bicycle, women drinking tea, men hunting. Sail boats on water, bold poster design by E. Mcknight Kauffer, broke new ground in poster design technique. Twickenham by train poster, bold. Entrance to Balham station. 1920s look given to architecture of stations in London; entrance to Morden Underground station, bus passes by, black 1950s car parked outside. More of Morden station, people walking in and out, voiceover discusses surrounding shops. Large city sky scraper shaped in a cross. New entrance to St James Park station, logos jut out above entrance to station.

Architectural design/sculpture by Epstein, modern artist, work incorporated into station design. Sculpture, some kind of mythical looking figure on façade of building, incorporated into the architecture. Close-up of modern sculpture, possibly mother and child in Cubist style, Epstein. City bus shelter. Close-up of shelter, London Transport motif. Country bus shelter, wooden. Bus stop sign, number twenty nine bus passes by. Bus stop sign on city street, flats to the right. London coach stop sign. Bus stop.

Litter bin, design in keeping with London Transport image. Post box for staff letters. Seat covering design for Underground tube. Lamp posts. Lamp posts at night. Another lamp post, London Transport design on wall next to it. Crescent, white columns, city buses, parked cars. London landmark in Hyde Park. Central London, busy streets, new buildings. Water fountain on roundabout, traffic drives around it. Hyde Park subway sign post. Houses of Parliament. Public art, sculpture of Tutankarmun on London street, possibly on a bridge. Entrance to Theatre Royal Haymarket. Bus parks outside 1950s building. Close-up of back of a bus, West Norwood, 2A, Butlins advertisements on bus. View of interior of bus seating design, upper level of a double decker. Fare sign. Bus mirror reflects seating inside bus. Close-up of a hand turning a handle, possibly to open a window. Push button. Hand holds onto bus pole, camera follows him as he leaves bus. Underground train. Surface of train, camera pans down from the ceiling. Some kind of switchboard. Interior lighting of train. Tube map above window in train. No Smoking sign in London Transport bulls eye logo.

Handles for standing passengers to hold on to. Close-up of passenger holding on to handle. Sliding door of train. View down tube train, seating arrangement, windows. Tunnel and track, train emerges from tunnel. Woman sits inside tube train. Man reads a newspaper on the tube, looks around him. Passengers stand by sliding door as train approaches its stop, they get off and other people get on. Two trains traveling in opposite directions. People standing inside tube train. People walking inside train, woman walks towards camera inside tube. Train approaches platform. Sudbury Hill station. Dollis Hill? Platform, 1920s design. London Transport motif and building silhouetted against sky. Bakerloo entrance. Southgate sign post. Distant view of Southgate station, people stand outside chatting, shopping center near station. Architecture surrounding station designed to fit in with station design, shops. East Finchley platform, train passes. Sculpture of man with a bow and arrow outside a station possibly. Sign for platform 4, West End. Another platform, reflects London Transport design features. Aerial view of two platforms, tracks, shelters and lamp posts.

Outer city travel. Sign for Green Line. Green Line coach traveling along country road. Coach passes past country houses. London city bus, double decker. Double decker traveling outside inner city, country road. Series of images of buses and coaches traveling through country, trees and fields. Electric Way Out sign. Underground tunnel lit by lamps, commuters walking, posters on wall. Escalators. Camera pans across escalators. Camera traveling up escalator. People walking off escalator. People walking through turnpikes. Self Service ticket machines. Electric sign saying 'Trains' and arrow pointing in direction. 'Follow the Lights' sign for passengers.

People walk through Piccadilly Underground station, shops inside. Ticket booth. London Transport poster on underground wall, marriage scene, five cats stand at bride and groom's feet, type says, 'London Transport for all occasions.' Series of images of London Transport posters, voiceover describes them as 'up to the minute, stylish and ephemeral;' Jungle scene, depictions of modernity, cars, machinery, factories, aero planes, abstract designs, reflect modern era, Tower Bridge, the Thames, cranes in distance. Posers advertising things to see in London, ancient artwork, St Pauls cathedral, montage of architectural features of city of London, advertising attractions, designs with a view to sell public services. Image of London Underground.

Two people stand up from a bench inside a station. Double decker bus drives into a tunnel. London Transport logo, Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works. Man in uniform opens a gate. Close-up of the Aldenham Industrial site, large factory buildings. Interior of factory floor, buses being constructed, frame of a London bus in process of being built. Room with table and chairs. Possibly a reception area, modern design. Canteen lady walks behind food counter, modern geometric design above food counter on wall.

Bus garage at Stockwell. Close-up of roof. Buses parked inside, one drives, possibly leaving the garage. Roof from outside, iron structure, lots of windows. Interior, large beams arching over garage space, man walks across garage. Close up of city buses. Train, view from a bridge, train moves along track into distance. Aerial view of inner city streets and buildings of London, same image that we see at the beginning of the film. The End appears in white type across this view, image fades.

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