Film: 8687

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Glasgow, Scotland in the 1960's. Film with a strong sense of pride, history and development of Glasgow.

A well spoken English man calls out for a taxi. He tells the driver that he has never been to Glasgow before. The taxi driver says "you've got some education ahead of you!". Aerial view of Glasgow, then busy street scenes to the tune of "Glasgow belongs to me". Rows of terraced houses, children play football on the street and women talk on the pavement. Nice street scenes, nurses walk by, children slide down a slide outside a block of high rise flats, tall city buildings, boys rowing, sunny parks. Crowds of people cheer at a football match between Rangers and Celtic in a large stadium. Close-up of their faces as a goal is scored.
History of Glasgow. Paintings showing the broad salmon river which encouraged trade with America, importing tobacco. Beginnings of manufacturing including linen. American War of Independence put pay to the tobacco trading. Influx of Irishmen during the potato famine creating a ready made workforce who welcomed the Industrial Revolution.
Ship comes into port, side reads "Tactician", in the background is the Old Whitefield Bar. Statues of famous engineers John Elder and James Watt, Doctor Joseph Lister and missionary David Livingstone. Cemetery, graveyard.
An old man wearing a cap strolls through a museum looking at model ships of the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary, the Lusitania, the Empress of Britain. He looks at a model steam engine with moving parts, close-up of the wheels, "the Glasgow man found satisfaction in the certain order of working parts, the smooth beauty of machinery".
Back at the football match between Rangers and Celtic, slow motion as a foul is committed. Close-up of angry faces, an old man's false teeth hang out of his mouth and he sucks them back up again. Beautifully set up run results in a goal for Rangers and the fans go wild.
Pigeons take off from the city and fly through the air. Train wheels thunder by on a railway track. A man rides by on a horse as the train races through the Scottish countryside. Children inside the train look out of the window.
Boat trip on the River Clyde. The taxi driver holds his son up on the deck and the Englishman from earlier walks past talking about Glasgow's great history. A man and a woman water skiing. Excellent street dancing scene, couples dancing the twist. "To the Glaswegian, the Clyde is home". Various boats and ships on the River Clyde. Panoramic view of rooftops and smoking chimneys

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