Film: 8689

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A short guide to the Heart of England - mostly the Cotswolds- focusing on rural and village scenes, the Three Counties Show, and showing us the landscape as it changes through the seasons.

Titles over touring map book of Stratford-on-Avon and the Cotswolds. Map of the Heart of England, where Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire meet. Panorama of a winter English countryside. Another more distant view. A red tractor ploughs a field A blue tractor pulls a seed sowing machine. Another tractor chugs past. View from the Cotswolds of the undulating landscape. A quaint English village, the churches and houses all built of light grey stone. A view of the same or similar village, a stream running through it. A street in this village. A farmer walks with a cart horse down a country lane.
Tree tops in early march, rooks gathered in them. Tree tops dotted above with rooks' nests. Fir tree tops, the firs and leaves appearing on a deciduous tree. Brown, withered leaves against a background of green. New, possible maple leaves. A green wood. A flowing stream or brook, possibly the windrush water flowing over rocks. Small yellow flowers. water flowing along a stream bank. Swans gliding on the River Avon.. A farm labourer gathers Brussels sprouts. A horse pulls a cart laden with market vegetables, then another. The street of a market town - old, including traditional black and white timber medieval buildings, possibly in Stratford-on-Avon. Swans on the Avon, a modern building, possibly one of the theatres in Stratford. A medieval stone bridge spanning the Avon. Boats and buildings alongside the Avon. An angler fishes in the river. A man scrapes paint off the keel of his upturned rowing boat. Several Midland red coaches or buses, one pulling out into the road. One of these drives through the country past blossoming trees. An orchard in blossom. A steam train passes behind blossoming trees. Rows of blossoming trees in an orchard. Blossom. a red coach or bus travelling in the background. Blossom, pink. Close up of white blossom, similar. Pink blossom . A different kind of white blossom. Another type of white blossom. More of it.
An unsteady lamb in May. A mare and foal in a field. A sow with her litter. Gambolling and adult sheep. Grass shoots and small flowers. A hedgehog. Men haul a large rowing boat into a river, a bridge in the background. A 'gig' being rowed along a river. Small sailing boats or yachts sailing on a river. Closer, of one of the boats. Another, handled by a young boy. Wheat fields on the Cotswold Hills. Lines of wheat shoots. Stone walls along a country lane.
Houses in a village. Thatched houses and walls growing with flowers as a young man cycles past. Closer, of the wall flowers. A gothic village church, soaring above the village roofs. Closer of the church's porch and side - at (probably) Northleach. Renaissance gateway, probably of a country house. Ornate tombs and graves. The graveyard surrounded by town houses. A charming row of medieval and renaissance house fronts - probably at Burford. A view down the main street of Burford - all pretty brown stone buildings and shops. A winding rustic street, a row of old houses. Street scene of Chipping Camden - rows of pretty stone houses. A similar scene, but at Tewkesbury. Medieval black and white houses and others, cars parked along the road. A shopping street lined with old buildings, a roundabout with a memorial cross in the foreground. Medieval houses, the central tower of Tewkesbury Abbey behind them. Tewkesbury Abbey, seen across fields.
A street in Stratford, the sign of the Shakespeare Hotel prominent. An Elizabethan house and, possibly, New Place Garden where William Shakespeare was born. The garden. A street with a row of flag poles running down the middle, with flags of the United Kingdom, England, United States of America, France etc. flying. The entrance to the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, playgoers passing inside. A procession of local dignitaries including the mayor and a judge. Onlookers at the Three Counties Show which is an agricultural show. More visitors. Two old men at the same place. The procession making its way past onlookers. Show organisers lead Hereford cows round in a circle, in competition. They lead them past onlookers. Some of the onlookers. Judges inspect one of the cattle. One of the cows stares at the camera. Another cow tugs at its lead. Men stand watching at a horse paddock. Some of the men leaning on a rail. A horse looks at the camera, its mane braided. A judge checks the hooves of a horse. Cart horses are led round for inspection. A boy points to something he sees. A mare and gangly foal are led past. Crowds of people make their way between stalls. Children lean over a stall, looking inside. A large, cuddly sheep which they are looking at. Three other sheep. A sheep with black ears, nose and eyes paces in its pen. Spectators look into the pens. Spectators at a flower stall. A bunch of flowers. Masses of flowers banked up, visitors viewing them. A horse and male rider perform show jumping. A horse and female rider do the same. A young woman looks on. A red-jacketed show jumper and his horse. Spectators enjoying the show. A rider performs a particularly high jump. Crowds mingling. Visitors pass a combine harvester. Farmers inspect the latest grain conveyor. One inspects a hay baler. A salesperson shows two young men his tractor. A similar scene. Farmers inspect a shiny new diesel engine. Cows are walked up and down in rows. A large enclosure. Rows and lines of standing and walking cattle in front of onlookers. Three cows in the corner of a field, back at a farm. A huge haystack, fields behind it. A ripe cornfield swaying in the breeze. Closer, closer still of the ears of corn. Bees collect pollen. More bees and more flowers. Deck chairs in a park, a man sleeping in one in the sun. An ornamental garden in Cheltenham. A magnificent Georgian classical facade. A Georgian terrace. Closer one of the balconies. People walking in one of the leafy streets. Behind the scoreboard at a cricket match. A game of cricket. Spectators watching intently. Batsmen make a run. The crowd claps. A family picnic on the grass. A bowler bowls. The wicket keeper catches the ball. Spectators watch in deck chairs outside the pavilion. Another ball is bowled - the batsman swipes and is caught out. Apples ripe in a tree. Ripe plums hanging. A fruit picker collects Yellow Egg plums. The plums fill a basket. . A picker on a ladder, his basket dangling from his belt. A picker distributes plums into boxes. A tractor pulls an old fashioned harvester in the centre of a field. Closer, as it makes its way towards us. Closer still of its revolving blades. The men and boy working it.
A young sheep dog sits beside a baler stoop (stook ?) of corn. A farm labourer picks up a sheaf of corn. Labourers place the corn in rows. The men working in a field of sheaves. A combine harvester pours the corn it has collected into a truck. Close, oak acorns, rosehips or hawthorn berries. Similar, flowers, possibly carnations. A mother leads her young child as they carry baskets of harvest fruits. Two children, the boy bearing a huge marrow, walking up the church path. A farmer carries corn to church. An empty cart stands idle in a field. Children swirl by on a merry-go-round. The big wheel and other rides at a fun fair. View from the big wheel on 12th October at Stratford - they fair called the Stratford Mop. A spinning fair ride. Another view from the big wheel. People spinning on a ride. Similar. Two children looking at dolls. Another child. A girl reaches for candy. A boy hurls a ball. A man bangs a drum. A man in a cowboy outfit twirls his pistols. A man holds up a prize doll. Women pick their way between dodgems. Visitors enjoy a revolving car ride. From another angle. From the original angle. The other angle, again.
At night, the illuminations on the big wheel and other rides. Leaves fall into a stream. Trees turning brown. Autumnal landscape, golden and brown trees. Brown trees in the distance. Trees and rolling fields, hills in the distance. Fields and villages seen in the hazy distance. Farm buildings and brook. A rider and horse pass over a village bridge. Brown leaves. Fallen leaves on tree roots. A tree with yellowed leaves. Woods, a gate and stone wall. Trees and misty horizon. Titles.

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