Film: 8691

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film covering news of events in Britain that were involved with the Industrial Revolution.
Autumn in the highlands of Scotland - water-falls. Isle of Skye (Glendale) - sea, water wheel, cottages. Workings of the water wheel are considered. Windmills at Avoncroft, Worcestershire. Wood beamed houses. Man constructing fence with twigs. Smith heating and beating metal in his forge. Another water wheel and its intricate workings. Dartmouth and Thomas Newcomen's plaque. Newcomen atmospheric engine in Dartmouth. British Railways Diesel engine crossing bridge with carriages. Coalbrookdale, Shropshire - Abraham Darby's blast furnace. Men casting iron. Cornish tin mines on the dramatic coast line, Cornwall. East Pool mine - Cornish Beam engines, close ups of the engine. Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale or Ironbridge, Shropshire. Children on the bridge making notes and investigating. Telford Power Station. Blist's Hill Open Air Museum, river and tall structures. Children studying steam engine. Killhope in County Durham, and enormous water wheel attached to derelict mill. Old coal mine near Newcastle. New Lanock, terraced houses, shops schools and churches built for mill workers. Barge crossing aqueduct (seen from below and on barge) above the River Dee in North Wales. Deserted canals with swans. Waterways Museum at Stoke Bruerne in Northamptonshire. Staircase of locks. Excavations at Iron Bridge. Horse drawn coal carrier on rails. Wood lined mine shaft. Darlington railway station, people disembarking train, boy, points at Stephenson's steam train, 'Locomotion'. York Railway Museum, 'The Agenoria' being pushed manually and then transported by railway. Bridge over the Firth of Forth, train crossing. Tyne Bridge, side view and from front of train. Kemble railway station; Marylebone Station, St Pancras Hotel. 'Bertha' oldest steam ship, at Exeter Maritime Museum, working. SS Great Britain in Avonmouth. Children and woman walking around SS Great Britain. Steam train at Dartmouth. Dartmouth harbour close view yachts, boats. Fireman on steam train.

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