Film: 8693

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A 1950s travelogue of the islands of Jersey, Guernsey and Herm on the Channel Islands in the 1950's.

Very rocky coastline with sea in background and sun through clouds. Waves crashing against rocks with lots of white surf. Commentary refers to the fact that the Channel Islands have been inhabited by many tribes and nations. More footage of the coastline and the sea. In Guernsey stone statue carved of woman, which commentary says is the Earth Mother(the local name for the statue is 'La Grande Matre'), who 5000 years ago was the centre of a great religion. There is an Anglican church behind the carved statue, which is St. Martin's Church. Large stones in a line in ground leading to much larger flat stone on top of mound. This is an ancient burial site called a Dolmen. Pan right from the ancient stone-carved Earth Mother statue to St. Martin's church, representing how the earlier religions gave way to Christianity. Another church, not named, with square battlement- style tower, and with graveyard in foreground. A third church with four different-level roofs and a round turret, also unnamed. Worn stone carving of a fleur de lis over an arch. Other than the one named church, the churches are neither named nor is there any information about which island they are on.
Commentary refers to 1066 when the islands came under one ruler, William the Conquerer. Pictures show various Norman Castles. Castle on rocks with waves crashing over coast. Stone causeway or breakwater as waves crash over. Pan right over rocks to castle on top of large mound with large wall surrounding sea- facing base of the mound. Stone turret and battlement. These castles are not named nor is there any information on which island they are on. Large castle in Jersey, unnamed, on top of high rocky hill, with terraced houses in front of hill and a harbour in the foreground. This castle was built in Elizabethan era. Side wall of fortress on rock and sea below.
Martello tower as seen through trees, built as a result of the threat from Napoleon. Martello tower in small field on the coast with another tower in the distance. Martello tower rebuilt by the Germans with concrete cylindrical tower built on top of the original stone base. The location and on which island these can be found is unknown. Pan right across Elizabeth castle, Jersey, to the island's capital St.Helier, half a mile off shore. View of St.Helier rooftops. People in small grassy park with houses surrounding it. View of the State's of Jersey government building. lion and unicorn crest above the door. Jersey house and pan right to very green looking field. Two men walk under stone arch and look at tethered calf on grass. The calf is a Guernsey cow (Ginger brown and white coloured)not a Jersey cow (sand coloured with a darker brown face and points). Cow eating apples from apple trees. Jersey cow looks to camera. Field of tethered Jersey cows as the two men examine one Jersey cow. One man has a bushy blonde moustache and a straw hat and is intended to represent a Jersey farmer. The other man is smartly dressed in hat, suit, tie,and overcoat and is intended to represent an international cattle buyer. The two men shake hands over the cow and then pat her.
Field of tomatoes, grown on sticks in the ground. Line of men walk down the line of tomatoes, spraying the plants and fruits. Man with full basket of tomatoes pours them into large wooden crates. Pan right across St.Ouen's bay on the west coast of Jersey. Pan left across steep cliffed bays in the north of Jersey.
Roselle harbour in the east of the island, with houses all around the bay. The beaches of the south of the island. St. Helier harbour with long huts along the piers, with the breakwater in the distance. Man raises flags up a mast in St.Helier signal station, to alert the townspeople of the position of the ferries from Weymouth and Southampton in relation to the island.
Pan from castle to large passenger ship with central funnel billowing black smoke. People at harbour railings looking as the boat passes through the very narrow harbour entrance. The view from the entrance is almost on a level with the uppermost deck of the ship, which has two funnels. Man on bridge looks out through binoculars. Ship sails alongside harbour with cranes in foreground. More people leaning on railways watching. The ship moores to the harbour wall. Docker pulls on rope. People disembark from the ship.
Young people run down stone steps to the beach. Pan right across beach. Pan right across beach as covered with people. In foreground group of people play with ball and then run into the water. Man and woman hold both hands and crouch down in cold water and then jump up. People paddle in boats near the shore. Young girl on inflatable airbed or lilo. Man paddles small craft as blonde woman in black bikini sits at one end. Small boy and girl sit on craft at water's edge. Four young girls on beach talking. One sits in a deckchair, wearing a summer dress. Another girl wears a bikini top and shirt. The other two are wearing bathing suits and shorts. The same two children playing on the boat on the stony sand. The boy plays with the oar. Group of people talk together on the sand. Young woman in strapless black and white bathing suit. Man in short-sleeved white bathing suit bowls ball at man with cricket bat. Ball splashes in the sea as girl in swimsuit runs to get it. Group of young people on beach throwing ball to each other. Girl in red bikini with large knicker-style bottoms catches ball and then throws it. Girl in short-sleeved blue cardigan ducks to catch it and then throws it. Man in shorts and no top lands in sand to catch it and throws it. Girl in red bikini catches it. Girl in black and white swimsuit catches ball. More short cuts of the same ball sequence. Small boy kneels in the surf as the waves roll in and out. These pictures are good images of people enjoying themselves on the beach. Guernsey: view from St. Peter port over the rooftops to the harbour and castle Cornet with sailng boats moored in the water in the foreground. Pan right across the quay or waterfront of St.Peter port. View looking down Berthelot street to High Street. Arched entrances to building on Market Square. Street sign 'Market Street' with sign 'La Rue du Marche' underneath the English sign. Stone- carved sign above doorway reads 'Hopital des Pierre Port, 1742'. Stone carved painted swan, feeding signets, on stone ledge on building wall. Brightly painted masonry work over door with the name 'La Forge' over the door.
Wooden sign on building for 'Onesimus Dorey and Sons Ltd, Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, Coal Importers'. Shoppers in the street of the Commercial Arcade. Entrance of Hauteville House, home of nineteenth century French writer Victor Hugo during his exile from France, as people enter. Lines of glasshouses. Man cuts grapes from vine . Man picks ripe tomatoes and puts them in wooden crate basket. Pallets of crates of tomatoes on dock, lifted by crane onto a ship. Lines of Guernsey cows and farmers at an agricultural show. Cow tethered to chain. Man examines cow on show. Man receives ribbon. Crowd looks on. Ribbon tied around cow's neck.
Large crowd watches the Battle of the Flowers. Hundreds of flowers on floats. Float with arch and Guernsey cow made out of flowers. Float of large sailing ship is towed around field in procession. Two young girls in mackintoshs watch. Horse drawing carriage covered in flowers. Tower bridge, London styled float. The crowd look on and then everyone runs from their seat and mob the floats, tearing off the flowers and throwing them at one another. Girl on float as hit by flowers and then throws her bouquet in the crowd. More flowers thrown as the float continues to move through the devastation. The Tower Bridge float as people throw flowers from it. Man picks flowers off the sails of the sailing ship float and throws them. Woman on ground ducks to avoid the blooms. Scene of devastation as the crowd continue.
Young man and woman walk together on narrow cliff path. Steep cliffs with rocks below. Steep cliffs down to white sands of Petit Port, Saints Bay, and Moulin Huet. View over St.Peter Port rooftops to Herm and Sark islands in the distancee. Man and small boy look at advertising boards on the quay for the Fernian Bay boat trip and the boat for Herm and Sark islands. Motor launch full of people sailing out of the harbour with St. Peter Port quay in the background. People in the boat as it travels through the water. Lady in launch points to larger vessel as it passes. All the passengers on the launch look. Woman holding baby. Man looks through small binoculars. Young girl wearing headscarf in profile as water behind. Man passes around small paper bag. Small boy with bucket as he rubs his eye. Smiles as his father kisses him. View from the launch as nearing small fortification on rocks. Captain of launch at wheel smoking pipe. View from the stern of the launch towrds the boat's wake with St.Peter Port in the background. View of Hern island from the launch.
People walk through stone pillars to stone building. Children run down grassy slope to Shell Beach in the background. People looking through the small shells on shell beach. Hands sort through the shingle and pick out small shells. Young couple, holding hands, walk up wooded lane. Two cows lying on hillside with white house and sea in background. Man and woman with small child walk down path surrounded by fern to Beauvoir Bay. White sand of the bay. Young couple climb up. Rocks to highest point of Hern. They stand, looking out, with man's arm around girl with his hand on her shoulder. Pan right to the island of Jethou and then Guernsey in the background.

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