Film: 8695

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Day trips to London with a work's outing

View of a city's skyline. A man walking in a train station carrying luggage. People on a platform. Two men shaking hands. A newsagent. A train arrives in the station. A view of the train stopping a people boarding. The interior of a factory. The station is seen from the train leaving. A woman sitting by the window looking out. Passengers reading newspapers. An aged man talks to a child. Two men talking one of which is the man already seen walking into the station. Four passengers playing cards. The ticket inspection. Other passengers. One passenger plays a gramophone. Passengers eating sandwiches and drinking. View of a station as seen from the train in motion. A child playing with a man. The passengers get ready to get off, putting their coats on and collecting their personal belongings. The train arrives in a station in London (King's Cross). A view of King's Cross station, some of the passengers already seen now board a coach. The coach departs. Shots of London is seen from the coach. People in the coach looking out from the window. View of the Tower of London. People in the coach. View of St. Paul's Cathedral. The coach drives down the Strand. View of Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square. The coach drives down Whitehall. All the groups of passengers walking nearby the Big Ben. A restaurant, people eating their lunch. The coach drives past Buckingham Palace. The group of passengers strolling down a river bank in Richmond and queuing up to take a boat. People boarding a boat. View of the boat leaving the quay. The passengers on the boat. Men working with a Singer sewing machine. People in the boat. The sailor at helm. People in a park playing cricket is seen from the sailing boat. Two young boys in a rubber dinghy. A sail boat. A woman taking a photograph. People in a boat. A small sail boat. People in the boat having some drinks. A woman plays a piano, the passengers sing and jump up and down. The boat passes under a bridge. The passenger getting off the boat heading for Hampton Court. View of the Palace's façade. The passengers now sit down for tea in the palace's garden. Coaches leaving. Some of the passengers are seen strolling down the streets of London. A couple looking at a shop-window. Other passengers are seen walking through the West end. A close-up of the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus. View of the flashing lights in Piccadilly. Trafalgar Square at dusk. The lights of the West End. A close-up of the Big Ben. People boarding a train. People sitting down at their seat. People waving from the window of the train that leaves. A man standing alone on the platform.

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