Film: 8700

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Boy scouts of Redhill. Amateur home movie. Scouts at play in camp near coast and on beach. Camp on cliff top. Breaking camp - lowering the flag, troop salute . Summer camp. Holiday activities.

Scouts with scout master beside cars, one plays with a large German Shepherd. The group outside their tents, it looks very windy. One boy walks beside a classical building on the top of the hill. The boys on a hiking trail on a dirt road. From above, a busy road, two boy wait to cross with their bicycles, there are lots of motorcycles. The boys line up for their lunch, the scoutmasters are busy with this in front of a push cart. Another scoutmaster ladles out mashed potatoes from pails on the ground. A makeshift gun run, with a wooden cart and two poles, carrying a large stump across the ground, watched by a large group of scout and parents. A small group of scouts watch as a shepherd and his sheep dog guides his sheep into two groups. Scouts outside a clubhouse at a trestle table, their mothers cook them dinner, but they seem more concerned with turning their kerchiefs into pirate scarves and playing with sticks for swords. The boys eat heartily. Playing ball games with the scoutmaster. Washing up in tubs outside on the grass. In their bathing suits, someone throws buckets of water at them…possibly an attempt to bath?! The boys towel off.
A wedding of someone involved with the scouts. The bride, groom and bridesmaids and groom's men walk under an arch made from scouts walking poles and get into a car. The scout troops pulls the car with ropes down the street, a crowd following on bikes or running. A scout opens the door for the bride, and for the mother of the bride. A parade with girl guides marching past their leader, complete with flags. The scouts follow. Camp set up on a hill. Scouts leaving a church. At the seaside, the boys swim. Eating ice cream around camp, cleaning dishes, washing, all piled on a car. More washing, dunking one boy's head in the wash basin. At the seaside again.

[Colour] The boy scouts ride bicycles out from the camp. A boy dishes out dinner from a pot, with lots of plates crowded around it. Different groups of boys eating on the grass. The camp cooks. The parents arrive on a bus. The parents and children at the beach and seaside. Washing up. Another meal time. The dads, mums and other siblings. One of the scouts plays with a telescope in a field. Boys doing industrious things like throwing ropes over branches in the forest and digging holes. Brings the Union Jack down and leaving.

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