Film: 8702

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Regent's canal and the Grand Union. Amateur home movie. Teenage boy and girl go on a boating journey.

Cumberland Basin and a wooden rowing boat with a outboard motor, very "Three men in a boat " style, with a canvas sheet for the nights. Launching the boat and taking on supplies. Through London zoo, elephants, Little Venice at the Gauging office or toolgate, Harrow road, backs of houses, Cowley Lock, Uxbridge, overnight, cooking sausages, more locks, poss Watford, Winkwell swing bridge (Hertfordshire), working boats, Bulbourne, poss Fenny Stratford journey's end.
Good amateur home movie of family taking small boat to canal.. The boat has its outboard motor fitted before teenage boy and teenage girl cruise off through London Zoo on the Regent's Canal. Entering tunnel at Little venice. British Waterways official checks girl's documentation. Filmed both from inside and outside boat. Cowley Lock. Operating lock as girl tows boat in. Boy operates paddle. Getting back into boat and leaving lock. A narrowboat passing under a bridge. Boy steers boat. Girl shops for vegetables at Jon's store. Mooring for the night. She leaps from boat and falls (sprained ankle?). Pulling a tarpaulin over the boat. Boiling a kettle on a primus stove. Girl prepares food in a reflection of traditional roles. Cooking sausages and tomatoes - a traditional fry up. Waking the next morning. Swing bridge. Passing moored boats and anglers. Working boat and butty pass by. Boat has a water colled engine. Maintenance yard. Girl steering boat. Marsworth Locks.

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