Film: 8705

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


1930s German educational film about the life of the ant. Nationalist captions ( perhaps even with a Nazi message ?)
A huge anthill in the forest. The front. From above. Ants swarming around on the ground. 'Inside' the anthill: vertical passages leading to a horizontal gangway, ants running around. About ten ants, enlarged, in a passage. Ants, enlarged, running over sandy soil. Some winged ants. Caption: 'The state is ruled by order and cleanliness.' Ants running very fast over the soil. It looks like a big traffic junction. Ants, enlarged, digging in the soil. Others run by. Ants, running over rocky ground. An ant, carrying a larva. Caption: 'Building material and prey have to be transported from far away.' An ant, carrying a long stick. Others come and help. Four ants, carrying a very long stick. They carry it up the hill. More ants, more sticks that are carried. A caterpillar on a plant. Ants are killing it, it jerks. More ants arrive. Finally, the caterpillar doesn't move anymore. The ants carry it along. On their way they are joined by more and more ants. Ants, carrying a butterfly. Ants, carrying a grasshopper. Caption: 'They do not always succeed in killing their prey.' A snail. Lots of ants around it. The snail withdraws in its shell, some foam emerges from the opening of the shell. The ants don't get through the foam. Another snail besieged by ants withdraws in its shell. Caption: 'Those who belong to foreign colonies are enemies.' Some ants, fighting with each other. Lots of ants, fighting. Caption: 'The Ant Lion.' (That is an insect eating ants.) Sandy soil with holes in it. The ant lion disappears into one of the holes. An ant comes along and gets trapped: the ant lion grabs it. Caption: 'Nursing the brood'. Ants, swarming around. One ant enlarged, next to some larvae. Two larvae. Something moves inside. Heaps of larvae with lots of ants: they run around, carry the larvae. Some ants carrying very large larvae. A part of the anthill with lots of larvae and ants. Lots of larvae. Ants carry them away. They build a heap of them. One larva; the ant slips. It gets help from another ant. Finally, it succeeds. Caption: 'They communicate with their feelers.' The head of an ant with its two feelers. They move. Two ants, moving their feelers against each other's. Two different ants, next to a larva; two different ones, on a plant. They all communicate with their feelers. Caption: 'After her flight of marriage, the female founds a new state.' A winged ant, among ordinary ants. On top of a plant. It flies away. An wingless ant in a hole in the ground with larvae.

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