Film: 8707

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Life at university or college of further education in the 1970's.

A group of young men and women talk about college life and their reasons for going to college. Close-up of male teenager, mid to late 1970's, collar-length hair, high-collared shirt, tanktop. Group of teenagers sitting on chairs, girls have shoulder-length hair, wing-collared blouses, skirts or flares, boys have hair covering their ears or collar length. They wear hipster flares. Close-up of young man, part of the group, he wears a white shirt. Close-up of another youth. He has frizzy, collar-length hair and a cowboy shirt. They all talk, but what they are saying is not clear. More members of the group, laughing and looking awkward. Close-up side view of long-haired girl. Close-up of the boy with the cowboy shirt, he is talking about going to school. Close-up of thin youth in white shirt, he says nothing. Close-up of girl talking. She has centre-parted long hair, she seems happy. Close-up side view of girl in loud wing-collared shirt, she has a ring and collar- lenght hair. Close-up of the girl with centre parted hair, she talks about school. Close-up of girl with loud shirt. She also talks about her school experience. Fair haired girl with puffed sleeved dress talks about being in the low classes at her grammar school.

Close-up of girl with the loud shirt and a young man in the background. Close-up of fair-haired girl, talking close-up of youth with glasses. Close-up of youth with spots talking about his relationship with teachers. Two girls, one white, one black, look attentively offscreen. Spotty youth continues to speak about school life. Sequence of shots where individuals speak about their personal experience.

Title "What did you want to be when you were small?". Close-up of youth who says he wanted to be a disc jockey. Students walking towards the camera, they are carrying books and files, most have brown suit jackets on. Close-up of the same youth, he says something, licks his lips, the whole group laugh. Close-up of the black girl, who says that she wanted to be a nurse. Youth with glasses, wanted to be a footballer. Girl with a white blouse and high hair, wanted to be a dancer but grew out of it, is now training to be a hairdresser. College training salon, trainees are combing, washing and cutting hair in a many-windowed room, a trainee pushs a trolley with a tray full of rollers and curlers upon it. We see the girl who is speaking brushing a woman's hair, all the girls are wearing either blue or peach short work shirt overalls.

The girl in the loud shirt is dressed as a chef, others are dressed in the same in the background. She is placing chocolate eclairs onto a dish. She looks as if she is in a classroom, a man in chef's clothes and thick black-rimmed glasses comes over to speak to her. Close-up of another, fair-haired girl smiling. Sequence of shots showing the group talking and laughing. Thin, long-haired youth talks about meccano and engineering. Students walking, some recognisable as members of the group. A young man talks about the reasons for his interest in television. Youth in pink patterned shirt talks about becoming a mechanic. Girl with centre parting is training to be a teacher. Small children in a schoolroom listen to the girl as she reads them a story. A young girl talks about her uncertainty about work. Youth in a blue shirt speaks about the lack of direction that some school leavers feel.

Title "If school didn't work out why come back?" The same group. The youth in the blue shirt is talking about bad school records. The black girl confesses to having a bad record as well. Female students walking out of the college, one of whom is the black girl. The white girl sitting next to the black girl talks about her experience of returning to education. A classroom set up as an office, girls are working on various types of office equipment, the black girl is seated and using an audit machine, the white girl walks through the class carrying some papers. Close-ups of members of the group looking and listening. Girl with centre parting talks about bullying at school. Young women walk through a paved college campus under a glass and brick walkway. Girl with centre parting continues to talk about the difference between attitudes at school and attitudes at college. Youth in grey jumper speaks about the way in which students are treated in a more adult way as opposed to school. Group looking at speaker, they talk at once. Youth in grey jumper finishes talking and the girl with the centre parting resumes. She talks about her first days at colege. Girls in long wintercoats walk into a glass fronted refectory, with pine tables and chairs. The girl with centre parting walks up to a group of young women and starts a conversation.

Young women in a home economics style classroom, it has cookers and fridges. Some girls are sitting writing, while others make food. Close-up of a door which has a "Nursery Nurse" sign on it. It opens and young women walking, they are the group from the refectory. A room with tables and chairs, some tables have children's dolls on them, the room is made to look like a schoolroom. The young women walk around the room looking at various things picking up toys and talking to each other. A middle aged man speaks to the young women and shows them around the college.
Young man in the blue jumper speaks about his first day at college. Young man in the blue jumper in a room with electrical equipment, an electric water- or gas meter is on the wall. Other young men are working on similar equipment. Male and female students walking along a street, there are some brown- uniformed schoolgirls walking behind them. Various shots of the group talking about the tutors at the college. Two young men ride into the college, one is on a motorbike, one os on a Lambretta Scooter. Young man in blue jumper speaking. A car drives into view and into the college, followed by a young man on a motorbike. Three of the group sitting together, two young men and the girl in the loud shirt sitting in the middle. She is talking about her course. A young black man is sawing through a skinned animal carcass in a classroom. Other young man and women are doing the same. Young men and women sit on benches in a lecture theatre, there is a man dressed in a chef's uniform standing at the front, there are various pots and pans and cooking equipment spread out on the tables between him and the class. Two young men dressed in chef's clothes stand at a metal table, one of them is mixing something in a bowl whilst the other is looking at papers in a folder, next to them is another metal table with an electric ring mounted on it. Close-up of the young man's hands as he mixes the contents of the bowl. Close-up of the mixer's face. Young women in day-to- day clothes are putting out tables and chairs in what looks like a refectory, one of the girls is hoovering. A young woman with short blond hair tries to fold a napkin. She is cross because she cannot do it. A man dressed in pinstripe trousers, black suit jacket, white shirt and trousers speaks to her as she does this. A table with plates of well-presented food laid upon it. A group of white-bloused young women sit at a well-laid table, there are napkins, silverware cutlery and glassware on the table. The man shows the young women a plate of food. They talk amongst themselves. Close-up of a young woman from the discussion group laughing. A classroom full of female students with one older man, the tutor, they are making paper figures and painting using templates, there are benches covered with books paper and art materials, the laughing girl is making a figure from white card, she is talking about shop window displays. The girl inside a shop dressing a dummy, the view is from the street outside. The girl in close-up talking in the group about Saturday work. The black girl and the white girl walk into an office buildng through revolving glass doors. There are other people around who are also walking into the building. An office, there are women seated at desks writing, at the back sits a man in his fifties, he is also writing. The black girl is standing bend over talking to the white girl who is seated at desk. The black girl then sits at her own desk, we see more of the office and the workers, the black girl is the only black person that can be seen. Sequence of shots of the group talking. The young woman with the centre-parted hair in a school toilet. There are small children washing their hands all around her. She helps one girl roll up her sleeves and wash her hands. Close-up of the young woman talking about her experience at the school.

Title "What do your friends think about further education?" Young man in blue shirt talking. Young men working along a bench which contains some sort of electrical equipment, bright lights and tools. Young women walking along outside of a large brick building. Young men in grey jumper talking. View of young men working in a garage with tools and car parts and cars all around. Close-up of young man in cowboy shirt talking. The group look on as the young man continues to talk. Sequence of close-ups of individual group members speaking.
Title "What has college done for you?". Young woman in loud shirt speaks about the freedom college has given her. The young woman dressed in chef's clothes looks on as an older man, also in chef's clothes, ices a tray from an icing bag. The girl is handed the icing bag by the man and begins to ice the tray. The window dresser girl speaks. A young woman stands in front of a camera 'demonstrating' cooking methods, other girls are seated in the room. This is another classroom in the college where mock-up cooking presentations are made. The young man in the blue shirt talks about his experience of college. A young man in a white shirt is speaking. The same young man is working on some heavy machinery in a metal work class. A man in a white coat speaks to him and points at the machinery, possibly a lathe. A young man talks about the friends he has made at college. Young men walking along the outside of a large brick building. The group discuss the range of courses on offer at the college. Young women walking along outside near the college. The group discuss the various acticities available at the college. They talk about the way college has opened up other areas of interest for them. The window dresser and others are painting a kitchen for an elderly gentleman. The group continue to talk about college activities.
A young man in white overalls walks out of an aircraft along its side and up onto a platform by one of its engines. An older man in a white coat points to parts of the engine as the young man looks on. A young man standing at a bench table in a classroom places objects into a glass case, an older man with a goatee beard points to the objects in the case. Young men and women queing for food in the refectory and then looking for a place to sit, the seating area is quite full of people eating. Young women in a classroom making alterations to dresses, some of whom are on live models and others on dummies, some girls sit at sewing machines, or at tables. Young man in pink patterned shirt talking about his achievements during his course. Young men in a classroom with television sets and radios around them, some of the televisions are being tested or repaired. A young man walks to a partly assembled television and looks at some paperwork.

Title "Are you more interested in money than the job?" The group discuss the importance of money, the window dresser believes happiness is more important, but most of them agree money is their main motivation for work. The young man in the blue shirts talks about the importance of getting a good job. The group talk about jobs, wages and supporting families. A young man at a warehouse stores. He is picking up some parts along with an older man., they are both wearing blue work clothes. They leave the stores with the parts. An 'Eastern Gas' van drives on a road. The young man sits in the passenger seat and speaks into an microphone. The young man and the older man in a house working on a cooker, they examine various parts of the gas rings. The group talk about their reasons for going to college.
Title "What can happen if you don't give a damn?" Young woman talks about her friend, who is on the dole. The girl and another young woman walk through a busy maarket place. The group talk about people they know, who have opted out of college or have moved from job to job. Or are unemployed. Young men in football kit. Playing football on an open pitch. The crowd look on and cheer for their team.
Title "So what about college?" Close-up of young man in pink patterned shirt talking about education. Sequence of shots as the group look at him. Close-up of young man in pink shirt.
Film ends.

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