Film: 8713

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Various scenes of Scotland, including the Mull of Galloway.

Title: "Scotland Pitlochry Dam and Salmon Ladder". Pan across the dam, countryside to its right, the water below it, to the building to its left. Water flowing in a channel, next to a river; grassy bank to the left, a building behind it. Water in a channel; to the left, a path right of a river, trees on its other bank. Water flowing in the channel; pan up to stairs leading up to a pathway. Banked channel, the salmon ladder, two people standing on a small bridge above. A peaceful, shimmering lake; tree-covered hillside behind; some kind of barrier over the lake.

Sign on square building: "Cairngorm Chairlift". A group of walkers carrying rucksacks walk down a rocky path amongst dark green plant hilly countryside; other rocky paths and two stone buildings seen in the distance. An old woman sitting on a rock on the right hand side of this path; pan left to the walkers further down the road. An old woman standing by rocks on hillside; pan up the winding path and the rough land to the two buildings. People walking up a road path; pan left over the rocky hills. Pan right along a ski lift. The metal towers on the side of the hill, a fence below them. Car drives along road on hillside, past a road sign; pan left to show the forest on the right, and a lake.

A car drives along a road between many trees either side, lake and hills in distance. Huge area of forest, an open clearing in the middle. An old woman gets out of a car that is parked on a stone path, right of stones on the bank of a flowing river; a large caravan park, and forest, in the distance. Car parked by stone bank and river; a lorry goes past with "MacWilliam" on the side; the truck goes over the bridge. The truck goes along past forest on hillside; to the right, large mountains. An old woman sits by a small waterfall trickling down between jutting rocks; move left to show the rushing river. White water flows down short drops amongst jagged rocks; people either side looking. White water flowing under an arch bridge.

Still shot of a bright sunset over calm water; caption "Ullapool". An old woman with glasses walks away from a truck; other people stand by, including a man with a dog on a lead. A machine, from which material drops. Another, on a boat; men sitting in a row watching. Boats by a dock in front of hilly land. A large boat on the calm, reflective water in the evening. A boat, further away, on the water just before sunset. A woman watches the boat beneath the purple sky. A man gets out of a small yellow car by the loch or sea, with the hillside and countryside behind him. A car, and a man lying on the ground digging, by the edge of the water; farm animals the other side. A flock of sheep scattered about in a field in front of the rough hillside; pan right around to show trees and a farm house.

Title "Inverewe Gardens", over a photo of still water surrounded by forests. At night; apparently tropical plants by still water. At night; forest. A plant with purple flowers. A thorny plant with yellow flowers. Close-up of small purple flowers. Dark forest; pan up to show an outlet of hilly land. An old woman with a handbag standing in the forest; dark water below. Leaves on a pond with grass by its side. Three trees by the water's edge; flowering plants next to a thin path leading down. Woman stands on path next to plants by lake. Small plant with blue flowers. Tiny plants. The plants with blue flowers at night. A varied group of plants.

Title "Story Weather" over photo of white water going past rocks, hillside behind. Hillside at night under dark skies. A small car at the side of the road; pan left. Title "Beware Sheep" over photo of rocky mountain and stone ground below. A huge group of sheep run around a yellow car parked by the edge of the hillside road. A small dog runs along. The sheep, and a farmer, seen far off on the road, below tall hills. Title "Eileen Donan Castle" over photo of red sky over hillside. View from a moving boat of the castle, seen over a loch. View from boat of castle. View over loch surrounded by hillside. Thin flat outlet of land on the water. View from closer in.

Title "Mist Over The Mountains", over a photo of mountains by water. Clouds over the top of a mountain by the lake, forest on near side. The peak of the mountain. Mountain and water under clouds. Cloud reflected in water; pan up to mountain between cloud. Sheep on hillside by mountain. Stormy sky over countryside; road in foreground. White clouds over hills and water. Title "Those Sheep Again" over photo of cloudy grey sky and hillside. Sheep by the side of a main road with a car driving down it, next to rough countryside. Sheep walking past a stone fence. Sheep on grass by stream. Sheep on rocks; loch behind. Dark water; pan up to mountains and cloudy sky. Title "Mallaig" over painting of large white boat.

Title "Boats Herring Gulls" over photo of rocky cliff by side of beach. Town by the sea. Seagulls flying over rocky land by the sea; a lighthouse in the distance. A man on a large fishing boat. He attaches a hook to a bucket of herring which is then lifted out of the hole. The bucket is lifted off the boat; two men pull it to shore and tip the fish out. A bucket is lifted out; fish that have fallen out scattered on the boat. Gulls on stone. Gulls flying around over the sea; grassy hill and village behind. Camera follows a seagull as it flies around. Camera follows swooping seagulls.

A stone tower by the sea in front of a field of grass; a boat comes towards it over the sea past steep hillside and mountains to the right. Closer view of the tower, a man standing on top of it. Title "On Our Way To Glencoe" over photo of white water. Telegraph poles by side of road; many plants in foreground, mountains behind. A loch beneath mountains. Two cars moving down a road towards the camera in front of a deep blue sky. A bagpiper standing in front of a fence in front of trees, as two women walk past him. A waterfall falling over rock and landing in a pool of white water.

Title "Salmon Leap At Drymen". A large volume of white water falling as a man stands and watches. Several shots of the water falling into a pool of white water, including a very lengthy one. Several shots of swirling water in a whirlpool. People watching the water falling. Title "Firth Of Forth" over photo of bridge over river with stones in it. Title "New Road Bridge" over same photo. Boat on deep blue river; bank seen behind. Boat going under huge stone pillars. Lorries with signs "Beatties Bread" parked under bridge. Boats under bridge in the evening. The long bridge as seen from a distance. Pan down from the top of the bridge. Pan across the bridge and a walkway underneath. Bridge and town behind.

Title "Mull Of Galloway" over photo of boat on calm water. Title "Culzean Castle" over same photo. The large castle and stone wall below. Decorative plants in the grounds. Fountain in the middle of the grounds, the castle and plants seen behind. Water spraying from the top of the fountain. A stone arch in the middle of the wall, grass in front. The evening; view from the top of one of the castle walls of a loch. Very white shot of a building on hillside. Men working on hillside. White building seen through fog.

Title "Cod Fish" over a photo of a large boat by a village. The sea shore, a small white building and hillside. The white building on the flat, jutting land by the sea. A person wearing red picking things up from out of the water. She swirls her hand around to make white water and then puts her hand in the water; a fish jumps. A fish by the stone at the edge of the water. Title "Logan Gardens" over photo of boat on water. Two old women walking on a path through the gardens, between trees on their left and grass on their right. Tall trees by grass. Trees by stone path. A woman walks past a large, leafy plant with yellow flowers. Pan over decorative plants in and by shallow water. Trees and wall. A yellow flower. A white flower. Another shot of the white flower. "The End" over photo of bright sunset. Credits over shot of gardens.

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