Film: 8714

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Norfolk, East Anglia. Sailing. Hydroplanes. Sheringham, new lifeboat and helicopter launch. Good street carnival.
Blakeney, Norfolk. Little sail boats or yachts on sand of river presumably in close proximity to the sea. Man has attached engine to bow of boat and steers boat backwards down creek. A number of women and men help roll a yacht on a cradle out of the water. Yacht under sail sails along creek and past a footbridge over a tributary. A man and a woman walk over the bridge. Three year old boy stands in dinghy which has been pulled up onto shore, and pokes sand with pole. Families paddle on shore. Big building, probably a hotel opposite, dinghies pottering about. Man spins large inflatable dinghy with two children in it about. Views away from the town and towards the bleaker sands with yachts drawn up on the beach and views of the town. A family wheel a dinghy along sand toward the quay on which cars are parked.
Wells-next-the-Sea and hydroplane racing. Tuning and checking hydroplane boats. Man whizzing about in the creek at Wells in a hydroplane. Man rowing a boat with three other men in it. Hydroplane 'Gazelle' number 0-365 being worked on and then rolled on a trolley to the water's edge. Hydroplane is wheeled into sea, it floats free and bogey is hauled out again. Man starts engine, kneels on hydroplane and steers it off speedily. A race with several craft rounding the buoys. Hydroplane Vicky passes our camera position several times.
Sheringham. A shop window of a baker's with various interesting shaped loaves of bread. Bringing in the lobster boats. By means of a pulley and chain, the large open rowing fishing boats are hauled up the sandy and then shingle beach where they are lined up at the top, the lobster fishermen guide the boat over chocks which they place in it's way. Holiday makers sit on deckchairs on the beach. Fishermen are seated and tie the claws of the lobsters they have caught shut. Lobster placed in basket. Waves breaking along and over groyne on rocky beach.
Carnival week in aid of the lifeboat. Sheringham lifeboat station. The lifeboat called Foresters Centenary and with an RNLI flag painted on the bows. Men haul lifeboat out of lifeboat station. It is cradled on a tracked vehicle. A rescue helicopter flies low over the beach, then back again. Lots of holiday makers sit waiting on the shingle banks of the beach. People on the top of the sandy cliff. Worthy dignitaries make speeches from platform. Spectators look on as lifeboat is wheeled down concrete slope to sea's edge. Man in naval gear climbs a ladder to get in, as does a woman in a skirt. Boat goes a few yards out and travels parallel to the crowded beach. A bit further out, the helicopter hovers over lifeboat. Man is winched from lifeboat.
Carnival procession. Excellent carnival with lots of fancy dress, a skiffle band, children's' fancy dress including a tribal chief, squaw, nurses, fireman, cowboy, John Bull, and a clown. Float advertising milk, and another HMV records. A man with a lobster theme. Men dressed as St. Trinians schoolgirls. Policeman returns lost child to mother.

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