Film: 8716

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Disabled or handicapped people in Canada. Rehabilitation of adults.

Shot pan down banquet table of business men in suits, all frozen except for one man, he rubs his hands together. The table comes alive, and one stands up to introduce the other at a microphone. A mustached man at a round table in the banquet hall winks at the waiting speaker. He winks back. Flash back to the office of the mustached man, the speaker stands in front of him. The speaker sits on the edge of the mustached man's desk. They argue. The mustached man gestures out the window. Men stadn high up on the frames of a building under construction. Jockeys in their silks shake hadsn with each other, one is significantly taller than the others. NAOther man uses a crosscut saw to saw a log. The same man looks through a magnifying glass at a jewel. The same man in an American football uniform, he straightens his shirt and then looks scared. A group of large footballers come running towards us. The man lies flattened on the ground as the other players run over him. The mustached man stacks a bunch of magazines and books up and hands them to the other man. The speaker at home with his stack of reading material, his wife in the kitchen in the background. 'Oui Sont Les handicapes?' on the front cover of the book, he lifts the cover and there is a picture of Roosevelt with a cane in the company of military men. The man with his coat off, opens the last of the magazines. A group of men in the board room meeting. A woman puts her crutch in the corner beside her desk and sits down and puts her headphones on.

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