Film: 8717

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A French Canadian film about teamwork in business, an Iron Works. The factory seems to be experiencing some communication problems particularly between its staff and employers. An inspector, the President of the Union, helps rectify the situation and gives the director of the company and the workers some important advice on how to improve their working conditions.

Credits appear over a backdrop of an industrial site. The title, appears against the same backdrop, probably means something like 'It's up to you.' Workmen walk through an industrial site. Someone clocks on, sticks a card into a machine, 8.00a.m is written on clocking in machine. Men continue to clock on. Locker room, water basin, two men take off their coats, they talk to each other. Large iron wheel turns. Machinery turns. Sparks fly from machinery as it cuts into iron sheet. Man stands in moving lift-like vehicle above factory floor. Man prepares a machine. Workman turns a wheel, watches it carefully. Two men stand beside a machine and place rectangular shaped iron strips into the machine, supervisor walks past, wears a suit and stops briefly. Man works a large drill by turning a wheel. Man punches holes into strips of iron sheeting. Workman wears mask, cuts into metal, sparks fly from it. Voiceover discusses teamwork and describes the factory as a large office where everyone must cooperate. Close-up of worker at his machine, can see hole punched strips of metal, workman holds a piece in his hands and inspects it. Same man shrugs and then drops the piece into a container.

Busy factory floor, heavy industrial machinery, workmen walking around. Man sits at a large machine, stamps holes into metal slabs with machine. Close-up of workman's hand, wears a glove and holds a piece of metal, turns it in his hand for inspection, possibly damaged. Voiceover states that conflict arises when communication breaks down. Back of workman sitting at his machine, his name is Joe, a truck pulls up, drops some containers off next to him, Joe gets up from his machine and throws the metal slab down, he is fed up, stands looking in the containers. Close-up of containers. Joe angrily walks back to his machine and switches it off? Smart man in suit and dark rimmed glasses walks along, some kind of supervisor. Close-up of a factory worker turning a wheel. Supervisor reproaches Joe for switching off his machine. Workman looks over his shoulder and smirks. Joe argues, moves his arms angrily. Supervisor pulls a note pad from his jacket, threatens to report him, writes down Joe's name and walks away, Joe continues to rant about people not listening. Man at another machine shouts something over his shoulder to Joe. Supervisor turns around briefly, walks through factory. An elderly man approaches Joe who is still sulking, he pulls the handle of his machine. Joe and the man talk, Joe gestures angrily. Joe shakes his head. Camera pans out, Joe folds his arms and plonks himself down on his chair, other man looks at Joe twice before walking away.

Supervisor walks through factory. He walks towards the camera, looks worried, touches his glasses. Camera follows him as he walks past machinery and workers, they all look at him as he passes them. Voiceover discusses Joe's machine and the role of the supervisor, it's the fourth time in one week that there has been a complaint, supervisor looks at his pad as he walks past factory workers, some look at him, others signal the supervisor's presence, not popular. He walks up some steps, opens a door at the top of them. Middle aged man with moustache and pipe listens to the supervisor who points at a window, possibly overlooking the factory floor. Supervisor stands, voiceover describes the situation. Man with pipe holds a pad as well, takes notes, takes his pipe out of his mouth, both men put their hats on and leave the room. They walk down the steps and split up at the bottom. Man with pipe goes to the director's office.

Camera follows man on his way to see the director, (Monsieur Alan), continues to walk past machinery and workers. Camera pans down to his feet as he walks, wears shiny black shoes. He walks past a row of desks with heavy machinery. He walks around a corner. Arrives in director's office, director stands behind his desk, asks what the problem is and walks around his desk. Close-up of man with moustache, looks concerned and tells the director that the workers have had enough. Close-up of director, arms folded. Moustached man shakes his head, looks down and then back at M. Alan. Camera pans out, they both stand talking to each other, they decide to ask the new Union President to help them, camera follows M. Alan as he walks around his desk, leans on it and shakes his head, image fades.

Two men in hats, one possibly a union worker, the other is the man with a moustache. Director talks to President of the union who will inspect the factory. Close-up of inspector reassuring M. Alan that he wants to resolve the problem. Director unfolds his arms, tells president how they will approach the situation. Close-up of both men talking in profile. Inspector tells M. Alan that he will look at all facets of the factory from the workers to the director. Close-up of M. Alan. Both men shake hands, inspector leaves the room.

Feet walk up steps, inspector looks down at the factory floor. Camera pans across part of the factory space. Inspector pulls out a note pad, voiceover states that the factory is vast , the report will take time and patience, another man walks past the inspector, down the stairs. Inspector talks to two factory workers. He inspects papers handed to him by a workman. He talks to staff about their machines. Camera focuses in on the inspector's feet, he extinguishes something burning on the ground with his foot. Series of shots of the inspector talking informally to staff in the factory, takes notes as they talk.

Monsieur Alan the inspector sit at a desk, opposite each other. Inspector sits at his desk, compiles his report. Inspector stands in M. Alan's office, asks the inspector if the staff cooperated. Assembly of men, about four walk into the office to hear the report. Close-up of one of the men, wears glasses, looks about him. Man with moustache waits to hear the report. Inspector looks in direction of the director. M. Alan introduces the inspector and his findings. Inspector opens his report, remains seated.

Flashback to inspector talking to factory worker Joe, voiceover of the inspector describes Joe's problems to a series of images of Joe talking/explaining. Joe sits at his machine, the inspector observes his work. Joe holds metal slab, talks to inspector. Camera pans out, inspector and Joe stand next to each other, Joe points to containers. Workman stands by a machine wearing a transparent mask, throws a piece of metal to one side. Man reads a book by his machine when he should be working. Two men chat by a large rotating machine, a supervisor approaches them and tells them off, points at them and the machine. Camera pans between worker and supervisor. Worker puts his goggles on. View of workman from supervisor's position, workman becomes increasingly annoyed, takes his cap off angrily, inspector walks over to the worker and listens to his complaints, music plays, we don't actually hear what is being said. Inspector and supervisor talk.

Inspector walks into a rubbish bin left on the floor, camera pans down to the floor. Inspector walks over to a man using machine with wearing goggles. Inspector points towards a sign. Sign says that safety glasses must be worn. Workman holds goggles and refuses to wear them, inspector takes notes. Two men smoke cigarettes in front of a no smoking sign, inspector takes a note. Tatty notice board. Inspector opens suggestion box, pulls out screwed up bits of paper. Inspector approaches a workman sitting at his machine, inspector looks increasingly concerned. Close-up of workman talking in profile. Inspector stand in front of a graph showing 'Absence Percentages,' shows a rise in absences.

Return to inspector's report, sits by desk, focus on the director and another member of the assembly listening to the report. Camera focuses in on the director, looks disappointed. Close-up of inspector, says that the factory/company can be improved easily. Profile of inspector as he talks about strategies for improvement, camera pans back while he talks. He suggests improvements in workers' morale, security, canteen food. Camera focuses on the director and others throughout. Member of assembly talks. Inspector responds, says it's a good company but the staff do not work as a team. Flashback to Joe switching off his machine. Inspector describes Joe's problem, that no one listened. Close-up of M. Alan, asks what the inspector recommends. View of inspector from M. Alan's perspective, image fades into the inspector's imaginings on ways to improve working conditions.

Well organized Notice board. Man hands out staff bulletin reports to staff. Man picks up leaflet from 'Plan de suggestions pour Employer.' Same workman sits at his machine, picks up the plan and writes a note on it. Image of M. Alan standing in front of a committee presenting an Annual Report.

Back to inspector sitting at Monsieur Alan's desk, holds report in his hands. Close-up of M. Alan, asks what else he suggests. Inspector looks in director's direction. Close-up of assembly member, says that he understands the inspector's suggestions, that staff must work as a team. Camera pans back, view of inspector from man's perspective. Man looks around him as he talks. Focus on director. Inspector talks about CMP, 'Committee Mixte de Production.' Director listens. Inspector explains that a committee must be formed to represent employers and workers, looks at M. Alan and the assembly. M. Alan in profile. Assembly member Fred and colleague sit next to each other. Inspector closes his report, says it's up to them to decide, inspector stands up.

Typed information appears on the screen in relation to CMP, backdrop of an industrial site. Further information on laws between ministry and industries.

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