Film: 8718

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Womens' Volunteer Service, Womens' Voluntary Service, during World War Two.
American women on the plane. Mary Monk - broadcaster. Lady reading MM asks how she got women doing "house keeping on a National scale". MM is wearing a silly pixie hat. 1 million in the W.V.S., 132 salaried people. Maid of all work to local council (all in track). American red cross boxes. Boxes craned off ship into warehouse with St Pauls Cathedral in the background. Clothes sorting dept, women with baby clothes, sorting bundles. Women machining oil skins outdoors (the skins are so smelly). Salvage officer looking for a dump. MM says that house-wife's lot is not a glamorous one. Boy scouts clearing rubbish. Housewife in garden washing tin cans in metal bath. Women washing bottles, saving bones, salvage dump with labelled sacks, tins, magazines, children put things in sacks. Men take sacks away, kitchen waste - two men with barrow and tins for pig food, pigs in a sty, making a room homely for bombed out people. Housewife service. An early meals on wheels type service - though plate of food actually just walked to the door. Wounded mother, child to evacuee centre, matron at reception centre, children eat bread and jam together. Wardrobe to go with, to W.V.S. van to county house, playing on the terrace, teachers, girls from Glasgow play with dog, paddle in stream, billeting office, mother and son have been bombed out, women taking in evacuees in her home in Hampshire, house bombed out, rescue men at work going through rubble. W.V.S. make cot out of two chairs, rest centre, boy with bird in cage arrives with others, W.V.S hot chocolate served, mother of twelve bombed out, housewife, pack of combs, washing kit etc., finding new homes - room in repaired house, Shock victim in camp bed, nurse washes cuts, clothes distributed, records make of new address, drinking tea, Demolishing houses, W.V.S. mobile canteen at dock workers,cooking in the field, railway station W.V.S. greet New Zealand and Norwegian soldiers, lifeboat launch, wounded brought back from ship, W.V.S. ambulance drivers, wounded carried in car.

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