Film: 8726

Education | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Poverty and slum life in Sydney, Australia in the 1950's or early 1960's

Aviary - canaries and budgerigars behind wire fencing. Children in school uniform. Children behind fence just as budgies are behind a fence. Children in crocodile file. Boy stroking dog. Underpants and socks on washing line. Letter boxes. Discarded newspapers in long grass. Inhabited shacks. Wrecked cars. Yellow flowers and broken naked doll. Dog scratches. Children walk behind fence. Children look over fence. Children, on stage, dance in unusual costumes. Children paint in classroom. Large paintings executed by children. Boys read books whilst sitting around a table in their classroom. Children in a street. Children in concrete playground. Religious wall paintings executed by children. Boys playing drums and guitar while girl clicks her fingers. Boys and girls dance or jive in a youth club or hall with painted walls. Some of the boys have greasy fifties haircuts, the girls long skirts.

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