Film: 8727

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Notes of an Inspector in charge of accidents. France

Pictures of overhead cables and electrical control station and control boxes. Inspector and workers discuss what is involved in the safety aspect of their work.

Buttons are pushed and levers lowered. A man working on the project affixes a warning notice to a control box. A worker with a spanner tries to make an adjustment to a part of the machinery and, Mon Dieu! He is electrocuted. . He lies on the floor and fellow workers rush to assist him and, with a drink, revive him. An inspector inspects the installation. He is seen in his office making notes. He writes a report in a book. Workers a on warm sunny day are instructed by an overseer to make adjustments to some overhead cables.

A worker climbs a telegraph-type pole to work on the cables at the top with a colleague slightly lower down the pole. The top man's adjustable spanner comes in contact with a live wire. Mon Dieu! He is also electrocuted. A colleague helps him to the ground. He is not seriously injured. A lorry drives along a country road, It arrives at another electricity pole. Workers ascend, but before reaching the cables, one dons long-sleeve protective gloves. He fixes insulation material to the live wires quite safely. Change to two men working on another electricity control box. They also work with protective gloves.

The film and commentary show that when working with electricity metal objects (watches, rings other body ornaments) should be removed from the worker's person. Change to interior of a large generating station. A warning sign is hung on a control box. One worker is making adjustments to machinery when another worker, ignoring the warning sign, switches the control to the on position. A cry is heard from the area of the worker making adjustments. He is seen slumped against the railings of the workplace. Commentary and pictures show how the control lever on the fuse box type enclosure should be locked in position and only the man working on the machinery should retain the key. A more detailed warning notice is displayed which indicates where the key can be found.,. More workers are seen working on electrical installations. Commentary emphasises the importance of safety when working with live current. End.

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