Film: 8731

Religion | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Lutheran Missionary film about trip to Calabar District of Nigeria in West Africa.

Crowd of people under trees, women with children, men and single women. No sign of village, just a camp? The women are topless and everyone just wears a lion cloth. Crowd of girls in floral print dresses, one carries bananas on her head. Village festival everyone dressed up in massive headdresses and msks, they dance and stadn around looking at the camera. Stilt walkers. Boys dance with scarfts wrapped around their heads and beads around their necks, no masks. Women dance as well. Largest leper colony in the world of 7000 people. A car is loaded onto a small raft for a river crossing. School scenes with classroom with white teacher teaching black African children. Young men working in the fields. Building work. Tribal dancing. Missionary visits villages. Market, chldren women ad men look at goods or sell them, mostly cloth. .

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