Film: 8740

Industry + Work | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A brief look at Austria's use of dams and water to generate electricity from the construction of power stations and drive industry in the 1930's.

Opening shot of snow covered Austrian mountains covered with snow, slow pan around peaks with rocks poking out amongst the snow.Long shot of a ski lift slowly rising up the mountain. Slow pan of the cables that carry the ski lift, with mountains I the background. Slow pan along cables with snow covered mountains in the background, the cables lead to a construction that looks like a dam wall, slow pan down the wall, which looks as if it's made of concrete. Slow pan across the skyline with peaks in the foreground, shot of melted snow running down the side of the mountain. Water cascades over rock, forming a waterfall and falling into a pool below. Montage of shots showing water pouring down the rocks in a spectacular display , water forms a river as it winds its way through rocks and down the mountain.

Longshot of a few sheds and a construction site at the end of a valley. Slow pan across a huge dam wall, a crane lowers material down while workers walk across the top of the dam, at the top of the Minfeld(?) dam, where it is under construction, wood scaffolding holds everything in place, below that it's made of concrete. Long shot from upriver in summer shows the dam wall in the distance. Close up of the dam wall with ski lift passing overhead. Shots of the top of the dam wall under construction, shot from below from the base of the dam wall. Men sit and stand at large design boards with lamps lighting the design of the new generator. A man in a white coat rules lines on the generator design using a retractable ruler. Shots of industrial machinery in a workshop, there are large cylindrical objects on the floor, a man drives a crane. Men place the top of equipment on as they weld it together, it's cylindrical with holes in the outer rim. Close up of flames and a man working with a welding torch. A man turns a wheel and an arm in the middle of the cylindrical object begins to turn slowly, he steps inside the object to check if the arm is working properly and not catching anywhere. A drill bores into metal. A metal press working. Men fit pieces of pressed metal to the inside of the cylindrical object, one by one, a heavier machine packs them down. Two workers lever a bolt into place. Men foot copper bars into the inside of the cylinder. A man pulls a lever and a large piece of pipe starts turning over, he cranks another level and checks the working of the machine. Montage of close ups of various turning parts of the machine. Slow pan from above showing various men lined up along the slowly rotating generator. Men fit a semi-circular object over the top of the generator. Montage of shots showing close ups of various parts of machinery in the work studio. A crane carries a large metal cylinder across the screen. Two men guide a piece of machinery upwards as a crane lifts it away. A large cylinder disc is lifted into the air. The disc is then lowered through an erect tube to be placed on more metal discs below.

Close up of a worker's face shows him giving the instruction to lower the disc. A group of men watch the rotor body being lowered. The rotor body is carried across the workshop and lowered. The rotor body spins while a worker checks it. A worker watches as parts of machinery run through a conveyor belt. An engineer directs a piece of equipment as it slides into another. The rotor starts to spin fast, an engineer checks its progress. One half of the tube rotor is very slowly lowered while workers direct its progress. An engineer gives the direction for it to be lowered onto its lower part, engineers watch, debate , then let it sit on the lower part. Two workers pull the rope used to lower it, back up, they are helped by workers below. A worker gives a signal while others watch. The generator leaves the workshop on a carrier designed specifically for it. Men watch as it leaves the workshop. A man secures some part of the machinery with a rope. A steam engines spews lots of steam.then slowly pulls forward, carrying the generator on its back, two men ride with it as it enters a tunnel. The train pulls into picturesque Austrian village. People stand around and watch the covering being pulled off the generator. Workers with pulleys work around the generator, they hook the generator up to an overhead hook with ropes. Workers work on various parts of the turbine. While it is being held in place by overhead ropes, workers fit other pieces to it. Shot of pipes laid down a hill, leading to the power plant in the foreground. The president of Austria, Mr Kerner(?) walks along the top of the dam wall, he addresses a crowd. Minister of Industry, Mr Bruner (?), also addresses the crowd. Shots of power lines leading from the power station/ A shot of an Austrian town at night, all light up with advertising lights saying "Phillips Radio", "Air France," "Moulin Rouge" and "Café Carlton". A large light turns towards the camera, a man lies down having a chest x-ray, a woman shakes the ash off her cigarette while watching TV, a hand turns the knobs on a stove while a pot cooks, farm workers use a conveyor belt as they off load crops. Montage of working parts of a machinery in various factories. A train runs along it tracks, shown from various angles.

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