Film: 8741

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Shopping and managing a shop
Man dressed in Arab style sitting down, selling oranges. Display of "Ken Dodd Tickling Stick" brightly coloured dusters (plumeau in French). Cafe terrace in the background and cars passing in the foreground. Women looking at a display in the street. People looking at a display in the street. People looking at shop window. View of a hardware shop through the shop window. Then shot of the inside of it in a complete mess. Close-ups of junk and other articles for sale. The sales assistant is looking for some washing powder requested by a customer, but because of the untidiness, he cannot find it anywhere. The customer, a woman, is complaining. Finally the sales assistant asks his wife where to find it. The customer can't wait any longer and leaves the shop without the washing powder. Seeing her going away, the sales assistant seems weary and upset. Another woman comes in but no-one is in the shop to greet her. The sales assistant's wife then opens a door and starts chatting to the woman, who turns out to be her friend. Then the sales assistant joins them. Close-up of several postcards held by a woman's hand representing places in a town. Shot of a perfect hardware shop (Clean and tidy). Couple in front of it, staring in wonder at the shop window. They come in and are even more filled with wonder. A woman dressed in an overall greets them and starts talking to them. Then a man, dressed in the same way, joins them and shakes hands with the couple. Man painting a ceiling at the top of a stepladder. Woman cleaning a door then back to the man fixing a lamp. Close-up of a hand painting a shelf. Close-up of a hand painting a wall with a roller. Man fixing a tube, then a blank. To sum up, they are doing up their shop. Then, they are both putting their goods on the shelves. Same couple siting in the kitchen, chatting at a table. Couple carrying saucepans and pots. Man taking drawers from a chest of drawers and putting washing powder instead. Close-up of man's face. Hardware shop fully furnished and tidied up, with customers being served by the couple. Sales assistant advising a customer about a tool. Shot of an outdoor clothes stall. Shot of different ways of displaying products in a hardware store. (untidy and confused way to clear and simple way) to point out its essential importance. Close up of a hand adjusting projector directed towards bottles. Blanks leant on a stool (stock). Stock shrinks gradually. Couple and their friends coming into the shop by the kitchen door. Couple (sales assistants) seeing off their friends in front of their shop. Couple sit down in their kitchen table, discussing a matter. Shot of a "painting shop window" - modern at that time. A couple in front of it, studying the way it is decorated. Same couple in their kitchen, building a scale model of what could be their next hardware shop. Close-up of a view from above of shop's plan. Explaining the importance of arranging a shop to greet more customers and to optimise the use of space. Close up of a suitable piece of furniture scale model. The same piece of furniture life size. Ceiling and light of the shop. Entrance door - scale model. Close-up of a woman's face talking. Husband kissing his wife on the forehead. Shot of another way of arranging and displaying products. Man showing how to use shelves designed particularly for this purpose by removing them. Close-up of edges of shelves, showing how to fix prices. Other kinds of shelves.

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