Film: 8745

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Cotton production 1950's

Industrial sewing machines operating. Close-up of them from a different angle. Shot of a laboratory with a woman working at a table. Another part of the laboratory. Researcher working in it. Close-up of a control board (buttons and needles) Humidity control. Close-up of tweezers picking up strands from bale of cotton. Stock of raw cotton. Process of sampling (from 10kg to 400mg) Person dividing a square of cotton into two equal parts then again to get four equal triangles. This process is carried out several times to get an accurate sample of the whole stock. Diagrams to explain the process. Woman is taking 24 little samples from the last one. She joins them in pairs, using a specific method until she has three pieces. Close-up of hands taking a narrow sample from one of the pieces. Use of a "Sorter" (French name of the machine) to take some strands. (similar to several combs) Close-up of hands taking very fine strands with specific tweezers. Additional combs are added to the machine. This process takes 3 hours to sort and determine the different varieties of cotton. Close-up of these varieties. Weight of them. Close-up of fingers holding tiny tweezers, picking up one strand after another. Measure of strand's resistance. Next stage is to determine the maturity of the cotton. Use of a chemical to blow up the fibres. Use of microscope to establish which are ripe and which are not. Shot of what is seen through the microscope. Shot of a "fibrograph". Someone is combing the cotton which is going to be examined in the "fibrograph". A curve related to the cotton's length: Graph of length is drawn (precise description of this stage). Machine used to determine the thinness. (Compressed air sent through piece of cotton). Measure of the cotton's strength. Resistance "Presley". Shot of machinery (industrial)

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