Film: 8746

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Education about dangers of gas and vapours in chemical industry. Test tube demonstrations and animations. Good shots of German heavy petrol chemical industry 1970's

Shots of chemical plants. Pipes and chimneys. Narrator: 'Peaceful pictures. But…' A sign: 'Danger of explosion!' --- titles --- A brick building; the door, 'Danger of Explosion!' we hear a man whistling. An explosion in the building, blowing the door away. People in a pub talking about it. 'How could it happen? ' - 'There are dangerous gases.' a man is explaining the dangers of gases to the people in the pub. All inflammable liquids may develop gases - and only the gases can burn, not the liquid. The gases of a glass of petrol are set to fire. The flashpoints of some inflammable liquids are shown. Demonstration that a liquid below its flashpoint does not burn. Demonstration that it can over the flash point. Demonstration: Gases can burn only when they get oxygen as well. In the pub again. One of the guests asks how explosions can occur even if a burning match is far away from the explosive liquid. Answer: gases spread out, they are heavier than air. Demonstration: Gases of petrol run down an oblique channel and start to burn at the bottom. A demonstration with gases made visible. Animation: An inflammable liquid burns slowly, but dangerous is a mixture of gases and air, because then there'll be an explosion. An explosion in a test tube situation. Test tube demonstration that explosions can occur only if the mixture of gas and air is the right one , otherwise it burns either slowly or not at all. Animation: how much petrol has to evaporate to explode in a room (5 liters…) Chemical plants. Signs of danger. A model of a plant. Demonstration how an explosion occurred at this plant some time ago. Animation how a leaking tank wagon can explode. Animation of an exploding workshop because of a heating kettle some meters away. Piles of empty petrol barrels, they can explode, too. Fork lift trucks moving the barrels. Animation how the remains in the barrels can form an explosive as air mixture. A barrel is filled with water before welding, in order to avoid an explosion. Workers in the hall of a chemical plant. You have to be careful and keep the rules! The fire brigade leaving the station and going into action. The burning brick building and the sign ('Danger of Explosion') again.

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