Film: 8748

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Industry in Germany and post world war two recovery 1950's

German main street scenes. Wedding dress in shop window, cars in street, bikes in stall. Factory shots, heavy machinery, turning and lathe type machines, fork lift truck and trolley for moving goods in factory. Using machines instead of manual labour hoists, pulleys etc. Efficiency in post war German Industry demonstrated. Message in film, first think then move (transport). Bottling factory, conveyor belts, rollers, automation in trasportation of bottles and crates. Milk bottles filled and tapped automatically. Old system with churns shown. Cement bags being moved by conveyor, shoots, rollers and sliders also gravel and aggregates. Suction unloading of barge. German post office sorting parcels on conveyor belts. Film shows how rationalisation keeps costs down. Good general shots of factory work and workers.

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