Film: 8749

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A rather dull look at factory suggestion schemes 1950's

Titles. A lounge or office with a large wooden desk; a man sits at a typewriter at the desk; another, older, man stands behind him, smoking a pipe, and then wanders off round the room (out of shot); the camera zooms in on the seated man, who is writing, looks a bit despondent. Close up of the paper on which the man is doodling and on which he has written 'People Have Ideas'. Close up of the seated man, who is staring blankly at the typewriter; he is a freelance scriptwriter for television documentaries and he has run out of ideas. Close up of the piece of paper in his typewriter, with the typed words 'Suggestion Schemes: Theme'; the rest of the paper is blank. The man with the pipe, who is wearing a bow tie and suit, leans against the fireplace of the well-appointed room; he wanders over to speak to the (unseen) younger man at the desk; he then stands, pondering, as he puts his pipe in his mouth, says industry is a dull subject for a film. The writer swivels on his chair, sucking the end of a pencil as he tries to think of ideas; the curtains behind him are patterned with classical temples and urns. The man with the pipe takes it out of his mouth and blows out the smoke. The writer puts carbon paper between blank pages and then, sitting back in his chair, turns to talk to his friend, who is his producer; the writer wags his pencil at the producer; the producer has to do a television programme on industry which he thinks is dull; the writer, on the other hand, sings the praises of industry, taking suggestion schemes as an example. The producer stands, arms akimbo, smoking his pipe; he then walks over to speak to the seated writer, leaning on his desk; the latter leans across his typewriter to find details (among a pile of paperwork) of a light engineering company he recently visited and with whose suggestion scheme he was impressed.

A black car drives into the grounds of the large modern building of a factory in Watford which makes aircraft parts. Close up of male and female factory employees walking along outside the factory. Interior of a shop in the factory where motors are made; men sit at work-desks; they wear overalls. Close up of one of the men as he winds thin wire around another piece of wire (?) to make wire loops (?). Close up of his hands winding the wire. Magnified close up of his fingers holding the wire threads and winding wire around. Close up of the man as he puts the wire down, stands up and walks across the shop floor. He walks between rows of work benches as he crosses the shop floor. He takes a suggestions form out of a wooden box on the wall, folds it up and puts it in his pocket.

Sitting room in the man's home; his wife sits sewing by the fireplace; he sits at the table using a small-scale machine to replicate the work he was doing at the factory. Close up of his hands working the machine. Close up of his wife, as she looks up from her sewing and smiles at him.

Back at the factory, he posts the folded suggestion slip in the wooden box on the wall and walks away. A man in a white overall coat walks across the shop floor carrying a letter which he gives to the man winding the wire; it is an acknowledgement of his suggestion; the man picks it up and opens it. Close up of the man as he reads it. Close up of the man opening another letter, which he reads; he then smiles. Close up of the letter which advises him that the company accepts his suggestion (that his wire winding job could be done by machine) and awards him fifty pounds for making the suggestion. In an office, the man is receiving his award from the besuited male managers; everyone is standing; the managing director shakes the man's hand.

Close up of the man, using his suggested and newly-installed machine, at his work-bench. Close up of his hands operating the machine. Shot of the man being interviewed on the shop floor; the interviewer (with his back to the camera) holds a microphone for the man to speak into. Close up of the man talking. More distant shot of the interview; the interviewer switches off the large tape machine.

Back at the home of the television writer, the scriptwriter is sitting at his desk while his producer stands by him; he leans over to turn off the tape recorder which is running; he then leans over again to turn it back on. The writer is interviewing the wife of the man who has invented the wire winding machine; she is seated opposite him at a table in her living room; he holds up a microphone for her; on the table is a large tape machine. Close up of her as she talks.

The writer and the producer in the former's lounge; the writer leans over and turns off the tape machine; they look through paperwork together, discussing aspects of suggestion schemes, such as confidentiality.

A man in overalls walks up to a wooden suggestion box on a wall; he looks around waiting to check he has not been seen and surreptitiously takes a suggestion form, which he folds and puts in his pocket before walking away. Machinery in the factory; the man walks over to it and unfolds the form; he rests it on a surface of the machinery, takes a pen from his pocket and fills in the form. The man now stands near machinery talking to a besuited manager; the man is opening an envelope; the manager walks away. Close up of the man as he reads the letter; he frowns, screws up the piece of paper and throws it to the floor. Close up of the crumpled piece of paper at the man's feet; he bends down, picks it up and straightens it out and re-reads it; he folds it up and walks away; a shot of the shop floor. He walks up to the wooden suggestion box and takes another form, which he folds up.

The television producer stands in the writer's lounge, with his back to the fireplace and drinking tea from a cup and saucer; he walks around the room holding the cup and saucer in one hand and with the other hand in his pocket; he walks towards the camera and puts the cup on a tea tray; he continues to walk around the room, using his fingers to count up important points relating to suggestion schemes; in the background is the fireplace, with a gas or electric fire, a modern painting over the fireplace and a television. Close up of the writer. Close up of the producer as he continues to describe the merits of suggestion schemes. Close up of the back of the head of the writer, who then swivels around on his chair and leans across to turn on the tape recorder.

The owner of a northern works sits in an office talking into a microphone held by the (unseen) interviewer; the man is middle-aged, with dark, greased-back hair; he wears a suit and tie; he strikes the table with his fingers to emphasize his point as he talks angrily about the expensive and useless suggestion scheme which his company has now abandoned; he says 'We are not a philanthropic society, you know. I expect more than happy, smiling faces for what it cost'. Close up of the tape machine, with the interviewer's hand switching it off.

The producer stands, hands in pockets, behind the seated writer in the latter's lounge; the writer swivels on his chair; the producer walks around the room, clenching his hands together in thought; he then stands arms akimbo. The writer stands up at his desk, leans over and removes the tape from the machine and replaces it with another tape, which he threads onto the machine. Close up of the tape recording machine running.

A man in overalls sits at a workbench in a factory, writing; his foreman, in jacket and tie, leans over the workbench partition. The man in overalls writing at his workbench. The foreman, leaning over the partition, taps his fingers impatiently on the partition and then walks around to lean over the man; the foreman, standing aggressively, does not want to be shown up by the man's suggestions and he gives him a piece of his mind. Close up of the foreman, as he talks angrily. Close up of the man in overalls, listening despondently and nodding in disheartened agreement. The foreman stands over the worker, pointing at him aggressively. Meeting of the factory managers, all dull men in suits and ties, sitting around a table in a boardroom.

The producer, in the writer's lounge, stands behind the tape machine as the writer leans over to turn it off; the producer takes a pipe and matches from his pocket and lights up; the writer stands up and looks through paperwork on his desk, knocking over a cup as he does so; the producer, smoking the pipe, walks to the front of the desk and looks at the poster which the writer is holding up; the poster says 'Good Ideas Can Win You Extra Cash'. Close up of the producer as he stands with one arm folded across his body and the other arm holding his pipe to his mouth. The writer holds up another poster (which obscures his face); this poster has a cartoon on it; he puts it down and picks up a booklet entitled 'Ideas', which he holds up in front of his chest for the (unseen) producer to see; he then hands it across to the (unseen) producer. Close up of the producer, pipe in mouth, flicking through the booklet; the producer then puts down that booklet and takes another which the (unseen) writer passes to him. Close up of the writer.

Close up of a banner unfurling downwards on the outside of a modern building; it reads 'Let's Have Your Suggestions'. Close up of posters (promoting suggestion schemes) on a factory notice board. Close up of one of the posters which has a cartoon figure. Close up of another cartoon on another poster.

The producer stands, pipe in hand, talking to the writer who is seated at the desk in his lounge; the producer walks around the room and stands near display shelving with glasses and bottles of alcohol; he puffs on his pipe. Close up of the writer sitting at his desk, typewriter in front of him, looking at a pad of paper which he is holding.

A Personnel Manager (a middle-aged man in a suit) empties a wooden suggestion box of completed suggestion forms; he locks the box with a key which he then puts in his pocket; he opens up one of the forms and reads it as he walks away through the factory. The Personnel Manager's secretary is sitting at his desk (just to the side of his empty chair) in his office; the manager walks over and sits down at his desk, holding the suggestion forms; sitting next to each other, they smile at one another; she opens a book and takes a pen to record the details of the suggestion forms which he is going through. Close up of the open blank pages of the book, on which the secretary has written numbers, with comments in shorthand; her hand is seen as she writes shorthand outlines on the page. View of the secretary sitting alongside the manager as he tears off counterfoils from the forms; she is writing. Close up of the counterfoil being torn off from a form. The manager and the secretary, as before.

Close up, taken through an unidentified machine, of a man (Head of the Department) looking at the machine and then looking at the suggestion form which he holds in his hand, to see if the suggestion will work. Meeting of the Suggestions Committee; all men, holding a meeting around a table. Close up of the Chairman, the Works Manager, in suit and tie. Close up of two of the men in the meeting; they have been nominated by the Works Committee; they are in suits and ties. Close up of another two men in the meeting; they are Heads of Technical Departments and wear overalls. Close up of the Chairman and the (male) Secretary of the Committee. View of the meeting.

The writer is sitting at a table interviewing the Personnel Manager, who is smoking; the writer holds a microphone for the manager to speak into; the table is covered with papers; the writer leans back to turn off the tape recorder. Close up of his hand switching off the tape machine.

The producer is sitting in a large armchair, next to the ornate fireplace in the scriptwriter's lounge; he has a clipboard resting on his knee and he holds, and then smokes, his pipe; he takes his glasses out of his pocket and puts them on; he then writes on the clipboard. Close up of the writer leaning back in his chair; he holds a pencil in his hands and plays with it against his typewriter, thoughtfully. They are discussing the pitfalls and successes of suggestion schemes.

Close up of a woman's legs from behind as she walks away from the camera; she wears black stiletto shoes, a straight black skirt and seamed stockings; the floor is plain; the camera then moves up to show a wooden suggestions box on the wall; a man walks up to the box and opens its bottom flap; it has not been emptied for a long time and masses of folded suggestion forms fall to a pile on the floor by his feet. A man in a suit and tie sits at a desk in an office; behind him is a large window looking out on trees and a car; he is looking though a pile of suggestion forms which he puts together and places in a filing tray (putting off considering them properly until a later date). Close up of a door marked 'Managing Director'. Inside the Managing Director's office; he sits at his desk looking at a large piece of paper held up by a man in a suit and tie; he is not impressed by the suggestion and wags his finger, disapprovingly, and turns to look at the papers on his desk; the man leaves; the Managing Director sits at his desk reading papers.

View of interior of a factory; in the foreground a foreman has gathered a group of junior management (men and women, all in overalls) to discuss suggestions. Close up of wooden suggestions box, with poster attached headed 'Suggestion Scheme League' and detailing awards for suggestions made so far in 1959. The Managing Director sits at a desk, with an open book in front of him, and a man in suit and tie sits beside him.

The producer walks around the writer's lounge; he stands near the writer, who is seated at his desk; the producer smokes his pipe thoughtfully as the scriptwriter talks; the writer stabs his pencil on the desk to emphasise his point. Close up of the face of the producer, pipe in mouth, smoke rising up; he removes his pipe and blows out the smoke. Close up of the writer, talking about awards for suggestions.

Close up of a man in overalls sitting at a factory work bench and placing ball bearings into a large nut. Close up of his hands holding the nut and using tweezers to pick up and place the ball bearings. The same man now stands using a machine which does the same job. Close up of part of the machine; close up of a hand placing a lid on part of the machine and screwing it on. Close up of hands operating part of the machine.

Close up of man's hands working on bronze clutch plates. Man sitting at factory work bench using a machine to do the same job. Close up of his hands operating part of the machine.

Close up of hands holding a tiny spanner which is being used on a small unidentified part.

Man pulling into position a safety device on a milling machine and then standing watching the machine at work through the safety guard.

Shot of a page of a magazine, with the heading 'Some Recent Suggestion Awards'. Close up of a diagram drawn on a suggestion form, concerning a rotary actuator. Close up of a lighter in the palm of a hand.

The writer stands up from his desk and walks around his sitting room, talking; the television is in the background; the producer is leaning against the fireplace, smoking his pipe; they have a conversation (in which the producer expresses his view that a well run industry should not need suggestion schemes and the writer stresses that, because industry is people and people have ideas, there will always be room for suggestions). Close up of the writer shaking his head in disagreement; he then walks around the room, talking; the producer stands in the background. Close up of the producer, leaning on the fireplace, smoking his pipe. The writer is standing in the room, talking; he walks over to the producer and talks to him pointedly, close up to him. Another view of the two men talking; the producer starts to wander around the room and the writer stands, hugging himself with his arms; close up of the producer. Close up of the writer talking; the producer has now been persuaded to the writer's viewpoint and the writer walks over to his desk and sits down; he starts typing, as the producer stands behind him dictating the words 'Industry is people; people have ideas'. Close up of the paper as it goes through the typewriter, with the letters appearing as the keys strike the paper. Close up of the face of the producer as he smokes his pipe; then titles; close up of the writer, with titles; close up of the tape recorder, with titles; more distant view of the room, with titles.

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