Film: 8750

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Diesel locomotive building by English Electric for British Rail and other railway companies around the world. Heavy industry in the 1960's.

Diesel locomotive waits at the platform. Passengers walk up the platform and get on the train. Guard waves a green flag and gets in the train, whose carriages are entirely red. He shuts the doors. The train sounds Mee Maw and the diesel locomotive with a gold wing emblem on the front, pulls out of the station. It is locomotive no 1A16 or D9021 Argyll and Sunderland Highlander, so it is probably departing Kings Cross or Euston. Titles. Two businessmen look outside their window of the passing urban scene. Short shot of English Electric factory. Out into the countryside. Steam train is a 'primitive machine by modern standards'. Driver in his cab driving a diesel. Tracks ahead, driver's point of view. Head of the driver. Hand on the handle. Train passes. Engines in a row. Newton-in-Willows factory near Colchester and electrical equipment is made at Preston, Sheffield and Traford Park. Men work on turbines. Locomotive transported on an overhead crane. Factory with three diesel locomotives. Trafford Park office with lots of people at desks working. The English Electric company is also the owner of the original Robert Stephenson Company. An original engraving of that. Vulcan Foundry which has a long tradition in traction. Diesel D6940 in the yard. Cutting up steam locomotives.
Scrapped rusty steam locos in a siding. Electric train goes by. Two or three queer overhead electric trains go by. Train passes over a small curved viaduct in Africa. Surveying in Africa. Board room meeting of men in suits. Reports are produced. Early computer- two women turn roller handles and a roll of paper data is produced. A proposal for tender. Designing engines in a room full of design boards, close-up of one showing a locomotive. Steel foundry. Parts laid out on a factory floor. Parts on a conveyor. Parts. Machine parts. Man pushes trolleys. Large 'Asquith' machine drill. Assembling an engine. Testing engines in the factory. Pan down length of the factory with lots of engines in production. Axle hung motors. Men and women perform production line tasks. More locomotive production shots. Framework and superstructure factory work. Welding, man holds shield and welds. Crane moves large parts into place. Assembling parts of the engines' outer casing together. The underframe. Pipe work design and constructive for air and water operation. Front of a diesel into place. The cab begins to take shape. An engine is manoeuvred into position by crane men waving their hands for directions.
Testing. Diesel with window screen wipers going. It is unpainted in the factory. Men in white suits crawl over it. Ignition and off again. Thumbs up from the cab from a man in a white boiler suit. Diesel on the back of a low loader on a nearly empty motorway. Pickford truck. Vulcan exterior. Diesel train is craned aboard a ship. It is off loaded onto the quayside, probably in East Africa. Exporting trains to Africa. Engineer to commission locomotive. He talks to a black colleague on maintenance and operation. In the cab, driving and handling instruction. White man points out controls to black man. Close-up of speed handle. White hand, then black hand tries it. Industrial expertise to the colonies and former colony. Locomotive with EAR painted on the side. East African Railways. Diesel trains in Africa. Several shots of passenger and freight trains. Multiple working. Locomotive in a shed. Man in turban works on a train. Close-up of man in white turban. Freight train in a station. An electric train in the New Zealand countryside, several shots of it. Malaya diesel pulls out of an ornate station of white towers. -Nice shot.
Diesel trains in North Africa and then South Africa, an electric train runs in front of a big cityscape. Australian train. Locomotive in Spain in mountains. Double-headed diesel. Platform on a station in India with diesel train. Train passes with 'Eastern' on the side and men in white hang out of the doors.
diesels in the English countryside. Interior of a crowded tube train. People standing. Train pulls into station on the Victoria line. Two or three shots. Crowds pour out of tube train at Victoria underground station. Diesel loco 10001 freight train. From signal box in shunting yard. Engravings of early days in 1830's. Aerial view of Paddington. Interior shots of Paddington station. Commuters run along platform.

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