Film: 8753

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Adverts or commercials for British Rail trains and their services in the 1960's.

Advert One. Colour. British Rail travel to London.
London at night. Neon and illuminated signs including the exterior of a London Underground station. Daytime - Tower Bridge opens and closes (but the action is not continuous, this is a jump cut). Shot of Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, with statue of Boadicea in the foreground. A horse guard rides on a black horse - he is wearing a red cloak and his helmet has a white plume. Shots of fountains in Trafalgar Square lit up at night, and the Hippodrome theatre board advertising "Talk of the Town". Nelson's Column from a very low angle - looking up into blue sky. Shot of the Victoria statue as seen from inside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Mounted horseguards go round the roundabout. Shot of the Albert memorial in Hyde Park (the monument only is seen, no park scenes). Shot of train moving through the countryside - British Rail. Interior of carriage with various passengers. A young man and two women sit at a table laughing and joking, they are very 1960's flowery dressed hip types. Close up of thumb piercing the top of a can of fizzy drink. In the buffet car the carbonated drink sprays out of the top of the can. A bowler hatted commuter cuts his eyes at the youngsters and gives them a dirty look. A ticket collector clips tickets. The young man makes a hand gesture (like a Magician's "abracadabra") towards the annoyed business man, and his dark suit is transformed into far more trendy hippy-type clothing. However, he still has "The Times" newspaper and wears his bowler hat. The blonde girl laughs. Close up of the train as it comes into a station with a platform guard in the foreground.
A colourful mural painted on the side of a brick building - a Red Indian. An illuminated picture of a peacock. The commentator speaks of "the hours and hours" that can be spent in London. The two girls - real groovy chicks - try on clothes in a shop. Back on the train, the commuter has now got rid of his bowler hat and he reads some sort of soft porn magazine (there's a picture of a bunny girl on the back) with a face full of glee.
Back at the shop's changing rooms the girl emerges from behind the curtain wearing a costume of a fake lion's head. Wider shot of the Albert memorial with the three visitors standing on the steps. Close up of a hand placing the needle of a record player onto a vinyl record. Brief but good shots of crazy disco dancing. 1960's fashions.
Road sign - Portobello Road W.11. The trio walk through the market past antique stalls. Shot of man running along a platform for the train. He gets on and slams the carriage door behind him. Shots of railway trains - through a tunnel, travelling past water, and a nice night time shot with the camera between the rails as the train passes over, Final shot details the prices of fares: "Save 8 shillings in the £1 - Day Return. 4 shillings in the £1 - period return. Ask your Rail Travel Office for details".
Advert Two. B/W. British Rail - Irish Seaways.
A family in an old open topped car drive onto the Holyhead ferry. Various ferry shots - the ship's telegraph moving from "stop" to "full". A sailor steering at the ship's wheel, passengers waving. Shots of the family's general enjoyment, skipping around on deck and inside the boat. Shot of sailor with "British Railways" written on his hat. Interior shots - a silver service restaurant waiter, dad drinks a pint of beer at the bar. On deck he pats his belly in a satisfied manner. Shot of the ferry coming into port. The family point excitedly. Final shot of a holiday brochure - "Four Holiday Highways to Ireland".
Advert Three. Colour. Inter-city.
Aerial shot of countryside - patchwork fields. A hugely long train travels through. Intercut with shots: pouring a glass of red wine, cheese and radishes on a wooden board, pouring a glass of beer from a can, a platter of roast chicken and potatoes, pouring a miniature bottle of spirits into a glass with ice, lavatory door shutting. Slogan on screen - "Intercity makes the going easy (and the coming back)". Final shots of train travelling at speed intercut with traffic jam on motorway.
Advert Four. Colour. Intercity to Scotland.
Shots of Scottish lochs, a steamer, purple thistle. Skyline shot of Edinburgh new town, including the Scot monument. Intercity train approaches camera. Montage of shots including passengers, countryside, train exterior, chef, families, waiter, general merriment, highland cattle.
Advert Five. B/W. Inter-city.
Traffic jams and general city congestion. Close ups of brake lights, traffic lights, cars, drivers, frustration. A British Rail Intercity train speeds through the countryside. On board the suited passengers are relaxed and chat to each other. Close ups of happy faces and an efficient train. A male passenger dozes, clutching a bunch of flowers (freesia) wrapped in Interflora paper.
Advert Six. B/W. Intercity.
Exterior of Euston station - three nuns walk away from it. A male passenger inside. Montage of images - destination board, "Travel Centre" sign, passengers, escalator. A male traveller gives a female passenger - dressed in a fur coat - a suggestive look. She talks on a public telephone. The couple chat, but he has to run to catch his train. She waves goodbye.
Advert Seven. B/W. Intercity.
On a rainy day a man runs out of his house on a sixties developed estate and gets into his car. This is contrasted with the ease of Intercity travel. A passenger is brought a hot drink while he relaxes. Rain trickles down the window outside. He has the opportunity to do some paperwork at the table. Meanwhile the train speeds through the countryside.
Advert Eight. B/W. Intercity.
Shots of various family members: mum and dad, old friend Monica (pretty blonde riding a bicycle), Uncle Fred (country gent on horseback). Intercut with train travelling. "Inter-city brings something good into their lives - you!".
Advert Nine. B/W. Intercity.
London bus - number three going to Herne Hill. Women of various ages look in London shop windows. They try on hats and clothes and look in the mirror. Mum and daughter have an easy journey home on the train. Mum takes off her shoes and her daughter reads a magazine.
Advert Ten. B/W. Intercity.
A family - mum, dad, their daughter and their son (wearing a school uniform). Mum tries to take a photo as huge numbers of pigeons swarm around them in Trafalgar Square, London. Boy takes a photo of a queen's guard, then marches behind another. His mother pulls him away. On the way home mum and the kids fall asleep while dad enjoys a drink at the bar.
Advert Eleven. Colour. Intercity.
Dupe of Scottish advert (number four).
Advert Twelve. Colour. Intercity.
British Rail train moves through the countryside. Aerial view as it comes out of a tunnel. Passengers sit happily and chat or look out of the window. Aerial shot of fields and open space. A family eat cakes and tea, people socialise by the bar.
Advert Thirteen. Colour. Intercity.
Misty shot of St. Paul's Cathedral from a bridge across the river Thames. Close up of couple on a balcony. Camera pulls out to reveal the whole of St. Paul's dome. Shot of marching band of Royal horse guards wearing red tunics and bearskin hats. On the train the couple enjoy a drink at the bar. Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Commons. A rowing boat pulls across a large flat expanse of water. Close up of couple in it. Shot of outdoor music festival or concert in Hyde Park. The hippy audience is seen from the stage. Horse riding in Hyde Park. Window shopping. Busy hustle and bustle of London streets. Walking in one of the big parks. Shot of London from the balcony of St. Paul's cathedral. Silhouette of the couple - sunset.
Advert Fourteen. Colour. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Three.
Advert Fifteen. Colour. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Four.
Advert Sixteen. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Five.
Advert Seventeen. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Six.
Advert Eighteen. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Seven.
Advert Nineteen. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Eight.
Advert Twenty. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Nine.
Advert Twenty-One. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Ten.
Advert Twenty-Two. B/W. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Twelve.
Advert Twenty-Three. Colour. Intercity.
Dupe of Advert Thirteen.

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