Film: 8754

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Trams, Trolleybuses, buses and underground trains. Excellent tube shots of passengers, escalators with uplighters.

Street scenes and aerial shots of London. Victoria Rail and Bus Stations. Headquarters of London Transport. Green Line Coaches, tram, Trolley Buses and trains and tubes.

Lots of movement on and off tube trains. London Transport researchers, office staff and planners at work. The distinguishers Lords that run London Transport and their lowly helpers ! Long queues waiting at bus stops. Driver control. Cleaning of tubes and buses, maintenance on the underground, overhauls of rolling stock. Lots of various posters in shot on buses. London Transport driver training including skid track. Leicester Square tube station, ticket office, automatic ticket machines. Football supporters in rosettes wait from their to come upon the lit destination board. Underground signalling and safety systems. Shots of Northern line. Metropolitan and District lines. Conductor training, funny sequence where they learn to clip the tickets. Exteriors of Art Deco stations, including Hounslow West and Harrow-on-the-hill. Erecting new bus stops. Sign reading" Committee sitting". Buses to Epsom Race Course meeting. Shots of various underground tube stations. Long welded rails shown (300 foot). Traffic around Piccadilly Circus.

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