Film: 8758

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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The railways and the iron and steel industry. How they work together. Foundries. Transporting raw materials by rail. Quarry and explosion.
Steel being loaded to ship. Car being lifted into hold.
Iron ore unloaded at Port. Ore mines. Worker operating crane.
Map of UK showing ore fields and Ports used.
Coke making ovens where extracted gas goes via pipelines for chemical industry. Hot coke coming out of ovens.
Limestone Quarry and woker setting charges. Men taking cover and blasting.
Map showing limestone areas and blast furnaces.
Railway system for transporting raw materials to the blast furnaces. Molten iron runs to the casting beds. Workman using paddle. Iron cools to become Pig-iron. The Pig iron combs go through a breaker before going to the Steelworks by rail. Melting shops. Giant machinery moving iron to the furnaces. Molen steel being cast. Ingot moulds. Craftsmen and blacksmiths working with the lumps of steel going through rollers which squeeze and lengthen them to the right shape. Axles being made using drop forging machine. Other uses are girders and railway lines. Machining and polishing to make everyday tools. Drilling the steel. Production of Razor blades.
The LMS Railway. Signalman operating levers. Operation Manager at work. Wagons moving. Lorry with 'Ebbw Vale' written on side.

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