Film: 8760

Fashion | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The ' New Look ' in fashion at the end of World War Two
Close up of a woman in a hat. Montage of hat styles and designs. Close up of montage of skirts and shoes. Three women in the street. Women dress making using a sewing machine and pinning. Model and clients in a salon for couture clothes. Warehouses of ready to wear clothes, swimwear, model is drawn by artists, racks of clothes in a U.S.A. Street, designing clothes on a live model, man sews dress, models dress, woman sits in a room and watchs models in swimwear and evening dresses, colour and swatch books of samples. Exterior of " Fashion Institute of Technology and Design ". Design students look at hats. Male pattern cutters. Testing fabric quality, model in jacket. Various costumes modelled in the street. Man in art gallery and sketchs for historically inspired designs for textiles. He looks at classical themes. People look around a museum of classical art. Coping designs for printing onto fabric. Models then shows clothes made from these fabrics. Catwalk fashion show. Shopping in a boutique. Hats trying them on. Trimming hats. Millinery. A costume museum with examples of past centuries fashion. Model being photograghed for Vogue Magazine. Pattern cutting , machinists mass produce dresses. The same dress on mother, secretary etc. Two women meet on the street wearing the same dress and react. Wedding dress on the catwalk. Fashion Awards. Adrian . Emily Wilkens . Tina Lesser. Designers. Eisenhower. Churchill.

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